Tuesday, June 18, 2013


(since these pictures have all been leaked
I figured I should share too! ) lol

 photo 181203_10151586123448971_1654936984_n_zps1e6a816b.jpg

So I usually try not to brag,
but give me just this outlet to brag for a little bit:

 I know one of the most talented photographers ever, Mrs. Killion (Vivianna) with Heartspun Imagery ! She is amazing and self taught, but more importantly she is an amazing woman of God, wife, mother, and friend to so many. I know we are all blessed to know her and I love getting to see her every so often for these fun shoots!

She came out a few weekends ago to help me get some shots for advertisings/facebook/and our 1 year birthday (august 11th)

 photo 601799_10151586123233971_390125524_n_zps27bd38fd.jpg  photo 971873_10151586123293971_1401874729_n_zps2c53e716.jpg

 photo 971702_10151586123908971_1932622380_n_zps14fa9204.jpg

 photo 983_10151586123768971_1329803210_n_zps9a8be8c8.jpg

I needed some fun pictures and I thought who better than my amazing friends.
We turned this "work" shoot into a super fun friend shoot and I know we will all love and cherish these pictures forever!

 photo 969906_10151586136148971_1110533395_n_zps18f8d129.jpg

we seriously are just really cool.

 photo 945513_10151586135743971_1617125044_n_zpsc19eba26.jpg

 photo 960027_10151586135003971_2121998478_n_zps339d7acc.jpg

I LOVE everything about these pictures.

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 photo 485714_10151586126988971_1303403402_n_zps6ad389d4.jpg

 photo 389359_10151586127073971_1643359590_n_zps29f002d9.jpg

Sunday, June 16, 2013

holly's bridal shower

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Whoo Hoo!
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Holly is getting married August 3rd and the festivities have started!
we had her Bridal Shower a couple weekends ago @ The Tasting Room.
 photo 296097_10151604198128971_821197614_n_zps80333fb9.jpg

It was the perfect location bc it was close to home and something fun and interactive for all the ladies that were there!

We ate delicious food & had 7 wine tastings in between fun games and catching up with everyone that was there.
 photo 1011087_10151604198563971_1542995850_n_zps8c7eaf65.jpg
 Holly's mom & sisters:
you really can't get any prettier than them!
 photo 1017574_10151604200178971_883282077_n_zpse1b2a7a4.jpg

I had a crazy week that week...I didn't realize it took a toll on me until someone asked me if I was stressed and someone else asked if I was tired... I felt fine, but looking back at the pics I can def see why they asked. lol! (tired eyes)
 photo 969080_10151604199283971_1558813504_n_zps256b23f4.jpg
 all the bridesmaids with the bride:
 photo 946418_10151604202323971_47141028_n_zps0310f7dd.jpg
 6 years out of high school and we still ALL love each other.
beyond blessed to still all of these ladies around!

CHS c/o 07!! (lol)
 photo 988542_10151604200143971_1314013212_n_zps2430fb1e.jpg

Holly got so many wonderful gifts... she is probably still unpacking!
 photo 971077_10151604205393971_190499013_n_zps4e157342.jpg photo 5911_10151604206693971_1572619471_n_zps4b732568.jpg
The bridesmaids got together and all brought in a bottle of wine.
on the basket we put a tag that said
"a basket of firsts"
and on each bottle there was a tag ...("first anniversary, first fight, first road trip, etc")
they are supposed to open them when those occasions come!
(thanks pinterest for that idea!)
 photo 1014291_10151604208258971_2060815105_n_zps369af270.jpg
the shower went SO well and after we headed out to my parents 2 miles down the road to continue girls day/night by the pool:
lots of laughs & memories as usual... maybe even a champagne toast lol
 photo 1004417_10151607823918971_755905324_n_zpsec8ef2fb.jpg
 photo 1000805_10151607824368971_515696622_n_zpscc51bd1b.jpg
peace out homies.