Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the end.

Football has started.
School has started.

I guess we can officially say it is the end of summer.

this makes me sad bc I love snow cones  traveling, laying out by the pool, floating the river, sunshine, cut off denim shorts, and freckles.  

I also feel like it is more acceptable to do fun things in the summer.  and with life being so crazy lately, I had almost gotten comfortable in this season.  and I liked that. 

as much as I will miss summertime, I am so ready for the next season.
new activities, new clothes, and a new feel.

but before I say good-bye completely... I wanted to reminisce for a moment. 
 this summer was one for the books.

I not only survived it, I loved it, & had a lot of fun doing so. 

(in no particular order)

Holly turned 25:
 photo IMG_6470_zps73f5fdd4.jpg


I had 2 girls leave for college & 2 new girls take their spots: so we had fun getting to know each other and making memories:
 photo IMG_6721_zpsc89b7d87.jpg


My aunt Julie & uncle Kelly came in town & got to see PLT:

 photo IMG_6426_zps80133eb8.jpg


I saw lil wayne  for like the 4th time & had fun with old friends:
 photo IMG_7106_zpsae1fe315.jpg


Holly & Austin had their bachelorette party weekend:
 photo IMG_5715_zps6e1642e6.jpg


I went to Cancun:

 photo IMG_5893_zps806806b6.jpg


Our dodge ball team WON the championship:
 photo 1013167_493472420741899_2008579168_n_zps0a2a0875.jpg


my best pal married this cool guy:
 photo IMG_6666_zps6d2f906c.jpg


we had a bridal shower:
 photo IMG_5168_zpsd6020e97.jpg


Jamie & Ryan got married:
 photo IMG_5354_zpse501930a.jpg


I got to have a fun weekend with Holly & see my first Steelers game:
 photo IMG_7633_zps53ca31c9.jpg


we had a fun photoshoot for PLT:

 photo 969906_10151586136148971_1110533395_n_zps18f8d129.jpg


PLT turned 1 & we had a fun party:
 photo IMG_6911_zpsef63f3b8.jpg  photo IMG_6861_zpsb2e2b6ec.jpg  photo IMG_6909_zpse19bdd1c.jpg


I moved into my apartment: (it has since been decorated)
 photo IMG_6346_zpsebe9a90b.jpg


I ran 3 5ks:
 photo IMG_7329_zps94f20769.jpg


I had a fun girl's trip to Vegas for market:
 photo IMG_7209_zps519b4fec.jpg  photo IMG_7147_zpsedd40ca7.jpg


And plenty of pool days:
 photo IMG_4845_zps4c7dcce3.jpg

so farewell summertime!
you have been so good to me.

If you would have asked me in February how summer would be, I would have not known what to expect and thought merely surviving would be my best option.

So thanks to ALL of you, who made this summer so very much fun & hilarious & crazy.

I will never forget you summer 2013!


Now let's get the pumpkins, leggings, boots, bonfires, sweater weather, shopping presents, & decorations, & holiday parties going :) 

Friday, September 13, 2013

how you know you are a loyal fan.

How to know you are a loyal Pittsburgh Steelers Fan:

1. Buy tickets to the first home game.
2. Fly to Pitt.
3. Drag your best friend there.*
4. Watch them lose/play  HORRIBLY.**
5. Want to do it all over again!!! 

*Holly actually wanted to go & was a great sport!
**Only I can say that they played bad... not you!


 photo IMG_7628_zps7a2b7f3c.jpg

ah! sweet game day!
I was so very excited for my FIRST Steelers football game 

 photo IMG_7621_zpsb9d65aaf.jpg
how cute was our pink cab?!

We woke up SO ready for the game Sunday!
We headed out for some lunch & it was SO awesome to see the whole city in 

 photo IMG_7626_zps461276b5.jpg
Pittsburgh has to have one of the best stadiums.  It is completely open with views of the skyline and the river.  People pull up their boats and tailgate from the water.

We were happy when we were winning lol 

 photo IMG_7627_zpsa60d42df.jpg

If you watched the game at all, you are aware that we scored within the first 30sec of the game and then did not score again until the last 5min of the game lol

it was sloppy, but y'all the atmosphere was sooooo fun. it was intense and even though we lost, I looooved being there!

 photo IMG_7640_zpsf6a99a96.jpg  photo IMG_7633_zps53ca31c9.jpg

as we were leaving, we saw this guy... really. a Cowboys fan?!lol 
go home!

 photo IMG_7644_zpsd3205e15.jpg  photo IMG_7645_zpsda5f60de.jpg

what else are you to do after such a loss, drink your sorrows away, and that we did!

 photo IMG_7648_zps86e4c955.jpg  photo IMG_7657_zps0db4e7a7.jpg

 photo IMG_7652_zpsbf77ae14.jpg

word to the wise:

do NOT text someone a picture if they photobomb you.  they will continuously text you.

(but yeah I'm stupid for being nice lol)

 photo IMG_7665_zpsb75da5a6.jpg  photo IMG_7664_zps607837ab.jpg

we bought some cute Pirates Koozies
(I already have Steelers ones) 

 photo IMG_7655_zpsc386db4e.jpg

what a day!

hate that we lost, but all in all, it was way too fun!
and it is easier to lose win you are surrounded by supporters.

Here's to this season, though it may be rough, I will stick it out for my boys!

 photo IMG_7668_zpsc61a232a.jpg

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So Holly gets a couple out of town clients for work throughout the year.
She was supposed to be headed to LA, but it got switched to another client in Pittsburgh.
I was already planning to visit her (fun girl's trip) and when it got changed...
 I was actually more excited lol!

(My parents travel to Pitt about once a year for work. Being an only child, I would join them & grew to love the city.  I am not really sure why, but not having a Houston football team made me latch onto the city even more by becoming a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!)


I flew in Friday night & Saturday we woke up and did a 5k!
It was a 9/11 Memorial Run, so that was pretty awesome to be a part of, they had them in cities all around the country, all starting at the same time.

 photo IMG_7578_zps61860c36.jpg  photo IMG_7580_zps9f5f7664.png

The run started RIGHT by Heinz Field & we ran past PNC Park and right along the river. Definitely the prettiest run ever.
but not mine lol 

After the run we visited The Church Brew Works for our well deserved beers.

 photo IMG_7585_zpsaba50f8b.jpg  photo IMG_7586_zpsfcd6b180.jpg

They took an old church and renovated it and turned it into a brewery.  We couldn't decide if it was appropriate, but nevertheless they had great beer and pizza!

It was really pretty cool & we even sat in some of the original church pews.

 photo IMG_7587_zps839957a3.jpg  photo IMG_7589_zpsd7e7882c.jpg

After that we checked into our hotel closer to the stadium, did a little shopping, and started our bar hopping!

 photo IMG_7592_zps0b729f6d.jpg  photo IMG_7594_zps6c2fcbd3.jpg

We ended up on East Carson Street, which is pretty much the 6th Street of Pitt.

Lots of cute patios and the weather was a perfect 75!

 photo IMG_7607_zpsdb449a90.jpg  photo IMG_7609_zps49965758.jpg

and wouldn't you know we found a "Rowdy Buck" bar.

Surprisingly it was a lot like good ol' Rowdy Bucks of Crosby... you can take the girl out of the country, but ya can't take the country out of the girl... lol 

 photo IMG_7601_zpsa4876098.jpg

we saw a Tennessee Titan fan in there... imagine that... 
 photo IMG_7606_zpsa38a9f33.jpg  photo IMG_7597_zps10566f3e.jpg

we later met up with one of Holly's coworkers and had a really great time!

 photo IMG_7658_zps0f4c76df.jpg

it was so fun to just chill and have nothing to do but day drink, talk, laugh, and enjoy the awesome weather!

tomorrow we will talk about that game...

 photo IMG_7689_zps0d7b23c4.jpg


[ Every single time I step onto an airplane I say a little prayer for the other passengers, the flight crew, and our safety. 9/11 opened our minds to such cruelty and I have never forgotten the enormous bravery of the passengers on that day. I know so many people associate today with NYC/police/fireman/soldiers, as they obviously should, but I seem to always think of the passengers and flight crew first. So as I sit here and write a traveling blog post... I am always grateful for safety and security at airports and forever changed by that day. ]