Wednesday, June 27, 2012

love it!

Happy Wednesday!

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Here is what I am loving on this Wednesday:

-I am loving that I am headed out to the beach this  weekend with my most favorite people:
(picture from last years trip!)

-I am loving that I spent my day off yesterday relaxing and hanging out with friends!

-I am loving that next week is the REUNION for Real Housewives of OC!
The finale last night was super entertaining.

-I am loving all the pictures from high school a friend posted on facebook. So funny!

Prom Court 2007, haha!

 -I am loving that the boutique is almost finished

-I am loving that in a month from today I will be in Chicago!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

that time I almost met a celebrity

Happy Monday!
I have such a full day today, so I blogged this last night : ]
but I hope everyone has an awesome week.


So usually I am not a shy person, I feel pretty comfortable talking to just about anyone... except I get beyond star struck! ... and then hate myself for it for the rest of my life!

example #1- I was at a Lifehouse concert once and they were the opening band.  We left after Lifehouse played & as we were leaving ... Jason Wade walked an inch from me and what do I do? nothing. stand there speechless.  
A pic of Jason Wade, the lead singer of lifehouse - via Bing Images

and I still beat myself up for it.

example #2- so of course Friday night while I am walking through the hotel in Dallas, I notice a pretty cute guy... and I do a double take and it is CURTIS STONE! but of course, I just kept walking by & didn't even say "Hey what up?!" or "Hey my friend Blair is available next Friday night if you are"... I say nothing! 
Curtis Stone

The story gets worse... I saw him again the VERY NEXT DAY @ market. He was doing a cooking demo and a book signing.  I didn't buy a book or talk to him...but I do have proof that I saw him:

and if anyone asks... I totally met Curtis Stone and he invited me to his suite at the hotel where he cooked for my mom, me, his gf, and precious baby : ] 
and it was lovely.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Friday, June 22, 2012

I am totally still blogging

I don't know what the heck is wrong with me...
no blog in 7 days?!

I'm sorry! 
but the truth is- I am only good at a few things at a time.
so I went to the gym 3 times this week, which = no blogs.
If I start to get productive at one thing, something else has to give. 

sad, but very true story!

Anyway, shall we have some letters?


Dear Friday, I thought you were never going to come. wth. Don't leave me hanging like that!  Dear Sleep, please come back to me, I miss you. Dear Stress, you are creepin' up on my face in the form of ugly! Dear Dallas, see you very soon! Dear Holly, I am so ready for the beach house next weekend! (just not the bikini part, ha!)  Dear BFF, come home now! Dear grocery store, I should probably come visit you since my fridge & pantry are empty. like really empty. Dear Pretty Little Things, you are coming soooo fast! and there is paint & lights now!

(Dressing Room Area)

and bc no post is complete without pictures...
(all the ones off my phone I never uploaded!)

Have a gangsta weekend!
(without the drugs, guns, and all that other stuff)

Friday, June 15, 2012

pretend party

Hey there Friday! 
This week flew by to me.  I haven' gotten crap done though...

Here are Friday's Letters:

Dear skin, I know it isn't safe for you to be tan... but you look so ugly pale. Dear husband, I am sickly nervous about your presentation today.  Dear beer, I will be having 4 or 5 of you tonight! (judge me all you want Mr. R) Dear RHOC, I still haven't watched you, can't wait to see what craziness happened last week. Dear cellular phone, you are getting replaced sometime very soon!  Dear Texas heat, you make my hair oh so beautiful... Dear summer dresses, thanks for being so comfy  & cute! 

Lauren @ the little things we do has an amazing link-up for Fridays!
This weeks topic is:
Ohhh what an awesome subject, but so hard to narrow down!

I would invite:
My very favorite people!

The theme would be:
Sort of feminine/rustic/vintage (is that a theme?!)
Rustic wedding? #Flowers

I would host it:
In an old, but nice, open barn area in the fall when it is a little cool outside
with fire pits outside and bulb lights inside

old barn

We would eat:
Caesar Salad, Chicken Friend Chicken, and french fries
(ALL from Gristmill in Gruene, TX)

...and a Blue Bell Ice Cream bar & smores

Also, lots of yummy beverages in mason jars!

Mason Jar Drinks Ice Cream Bar


It would look like:
an amazingly beautiful, yet super comfortable place

rustic wedding rustic party
Beautiful Rustic Wedding

Oh isn't my make believe party wonderful?!
I need to throw it ASAP! 

(ALL pics taken from


Have a great weekend!
and Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there, but mostly mine:

he loves me very much! : ] 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


what am I loving this Wednesday?
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-I am loving lazy summer days (they are numbered & really running out though!)

-I am loving that it is already Wednesday!

-I am loving a large Sonic water with lemon!

-I am loving this sweet puppy, Jack,  that I have been puppy sitting this week.

-I am loving this awesome reminder:

-I am loving the new pillows I got from Ikea last week

-I am loving my awesome insulated cup that I can't stop using

-I am loving ALL the cute clothes being delivered to my front door!

What are you loving this Wednesday?!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Oh goodness Monday is here already! My scale & debit card are probably glad though.  Is it just me or do you eat more and spend more on the weekends?!           I do!

This past weekend was lots of fun, but I did it again... I crammed that thing FULL! but it was well worth it.


Friday I had the day off, this was crazy awesome bc Aaron is also off most Fridays (he has four 12-14 hour days during the week), so needless to say I was excited to spend time with him.

We slept in & then decided to go on a little walk/jog on this new little 5 mile trail.  Aaron decides to pull into CVS first & tell me we are taking our passport pics for our CHL license... uh. 

This would be the result of surprise pictures:

but I say joke is on Aaron bc he looks like he just took a mug shot.  So do I, but at least I smiled : ] 

Friday night I had Dinner Club @ Niko Niko's, yum! 

After that we headed up to the Fairgrounds to see some of my friends & then went to a pretty shady bar... fun times though.


Saturday we took full advantage of the sunshine & swimming pool. We ate, we swam, we drank, we had popsicles, and took naps outside... loved it! and I got to wear my $24 bikini


That night we went out for dinner & then headed out to the Crosby Fair & Rodeo 
(I didn't take any pictures there bc I looked so sweaty) 

 I saw all my lovely friends and a million girls dressed like hoochie mommas! omg I am either getting real old, or it is suddenly cool to wear 8 layers of makeup & no clothes.

but that is a topic for another day!


Sunday Aaron & I went out for breakfast. and then to church!

Aaron's grandparents are in town from Oregon, so we hung out at my in-laws Sunday night!
Have I ever told y'all how amazing my in-laws are?! I seriously got pretty dang lucky!

What a weekend! Now back to another crazy/fun week.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Last night was round 2 of our Dinner Club Group. 
Remember last time we went to Grotto, you can read about that here.

This month we went to Niko Niko's, Greek food!
I have never really had legit Greek food, I love me a Greek salad from Papas & I have had a gyro from a food truck once, but that about sums up my Greek cuisine.  Needless to say I was pretty excited to see what it was all about.

Niko Niko's is a "seat yoself, order yoself, and pick up yo food up yo self" kind of place.  We sat outside & it actually felt really nice bc a rain storm was coming.

Here is what I wore:
Dress: Pretty Little Things (Yep, I got a shipment in that day! I love this dress)
Shoes: Charming Charlies

Of course we started off with wine & hummus:
Holy hummus, that stuff was so yum.
The store bought stuff is just nothing in comparison. 

I really love Greek salad & I wanted to try something else too, so my cousin & I got a Greek salad with grilled shrimp and a Gyro plate with feta fries to share:

ALL of it was good!
The salad had big blocks of feta & the pita bread was lovely.

The group:

everyone seemed to love their food,
we sort of did a taste testing of everyone's plates & everything I tasted was good!

and of course such fun company!
Can't wait for next month