Friday, July 25, 2014

pretty ladies.

This past Monday was a really great one!

We did a little photo shoot for PLT & this time all my new weekly employees got to participate.
It was a fun, girly bonding day.

We got our makeup done, which was amazing, thanks Telly!

and how cute is her pet pig, Moo?!
I wanted to keep her.


The girls looked so pretty in all of their outfits, 
I cannot wait to get the pictures in,
Thanks DigiSmiles !!

a BIG shout out to my mom also,
she helped so much :)

such a successful day. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

girl's weekend.

this past weekend was one of the best of the summer.
I am always excited to see my girl friends, but when it is a weekend of chill time & we are all together, it makes it so much better.


we all got together Friday night

we stayed at the Marriot on the waterway
(holla for no driving!!)

we had dinner at Cru
and dessert at Jasper's


Saturday morning we got up fairly early for some golf & brunch

I was horrible at the whole golfing thing, but it is def a good time!

we managed to get some pool time in too, that afternoon

that night we got a little shopping in & had dinner at Grotto


such a great time with my ladies!!

love love love! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

eating a lot.

I am getting to see all my favorite girls this weekend and we get to relax and just chill for a couple of days.

I am excited thinking about it, but when I was looking through my pictures from last week, it looks like I have been doing a lot of chilling/friend fun lately.

so basically, I am getting a vacation from my vacation.


Mary & I ate the most delicious salads ever @ Tommy Bahamas.
(mine is the crab/avocado/tomato) 


Jessica's sweet friend Fayth was in town from LA, we grabbed wine & snocones


my dear Krizia came to PLT for a visit.
-how was 1st grade 20 years ago?-


Saturday we went to Batanga for J's birthday!

it was so delicious and a really cute patio, I def recommend it! 

plan to stay for a while bc it is tapas style,
we ordered 6 different things, which made me really happy! lol 


and I leave you with a recipe
(stolen from my friend, Sotelo)

I like to call it:

Ranch Dip on Steroids
Because You Needed More Calories 

-Sour cream
-Ranch Dip Packet
-A handful of bacon bits
-A couple of handfuls of cheese
throw some chives on top,
& eat with chips.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I started out my 4th of July on the 3rd of July.
(an extra day of patriotism is never a bad thing)

we played bingo & said goodbye to Sean and Amanda.
so sad they are moving.


PLT love on the 4th:


The 4th: 

I love you America. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

controversy and birthdays.

I bet you are so very happy to see my blog.

I mean, it is breaking up all those posts about the pretty African hunting controversy
and the oh so over discussed Hobby Lobby controversy. 

how do I feel about both?

oh you didn't come here to read more about them but:

how can I say anything about something I know 1% about?
I would just like to have lunch with them, then I feel we could discuss.

2. I cannot change any of it.
do not call me ignorant, bc this is factual truth.
if I share an article ... it does nothing to change the issue. 
therefore, I will keep my friends and not over share on something I know nothing about and cannot change, call me lazy.

-the world is not black and white-
I respect people sharing their views

there goes half your day reading more about those things.

why don't we discuss more fun things,
like Jessica's Birthday last weekend?!!

Jessica is awesome, she is one of those people that just appeared in my life & I am very grateful for her friendship.

and not a lot is more fun than blending friend groups-
hers, mine, and ours!

and her friends, they are so 
2. super nice

I was so glad to meet the people she calls her very favorites.
Thanks for inviting us out Jessica, you never disappoint on a fun time-whether it is watching trash tv and drinking wine, going to concerts, or catching up at PLT.

Here is to many more birthday celebrations !!