Friday, February 7, 2014

who is she?! pt. 4

So when I started this little series it was bc someone had called and interviewed me for a small magazine in Houston.  here.  Well, last week they actually called to get a picture for it, so that is semi exciting & fun for PLT to get some love.


let's get on with this week...

What is she wearing?  
J-Lo skinny jeans…built for the girls with the booty!
What is she listening to?  
Right this second, “Getting Some Fun Out of Life” –Billie Holiday 
(piping some swing/big band tunes into our general session ballroom at work!)
Where is she going? 
In 11 short days – VEGAS!
What is she reading? 
George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords” 
(third book in the “A Song of Fire and Ice” (Game of Thrones) series….this girl loves her some fantasy! Magic, drama, and dragons, oh my!)
What is she working on?  
Staying sane in the crazy world of Healthcare Administration…ugh.
Who is she with?
Today? About 70 VPs and Directors…pressure, pressure, pressure!
What is she afraid of?  
Roaches, clowns, and of course, anything happening to my family.  
Oh, and my son getting his driver’s license in a month!
What is she hoping for? 
Shallow answer is to drop at least one pants size within the next couple of months. 
Deep answer is for healthcare reform to….reform a bit. 
What is her favorite part of the day? 
5:30/6:00 – when my workout clothes go on and I push play on whatever session I’m doing at the time. (Right now, ChaLEAN Extreme!)
What is she eating? 
a yummy Greenberry Shakeology shake in about an hour.  
(I brought my personal blender to this meeting, yes I did!)
What is she drinking? 
OMG, admitting it….sparkling water….duuuuude….hoitey toitey!
What is she loving?  
I’m TOTALLY loving my 30’s. I’m finding that friendships I’m developing at this age are incredible and deep…yet soooooo fun.  
What is she watching? 
<insert bouncy zombie emoticon> The Walking Dead in 4.5 days!
What is her favorite quote?
“never pass up an opportunity to pee” 
it’s funny potty humor, yet it’s actually a great way to think about life, in general.


thanks for always being a source of fun & a great conversationalist!
-love you lady-

Also, a very Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Krizia!
my very first friend in 1st grade :)
and now us 20 years later:

Happy Weekend Everyone. 

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