Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So my friend Liana one time saw this photo album of just pretty (awful) pictures of friends and the fun times that led up to the less than flattering pictures.
We as a great group of friends... keep every imaginable horrific picture of each other.
that is just how we know that we love one another.
so here is to those times, the beautiful pictures that came bc of the them, & the laughs we still have about them:

"While my friends are normally very photogenic, they do have their less than beautiful moments. These moments are often never seen, but they are too amazing to not be enjoyed. This book blog post is dedicated to the good, bad, and slightly unattractive moments of our lives that show just how beautiful we all can really be...

 photo IMG_0157_zps00973414.jpg  photo IMG_0158_zps7db0da32.jpg
 photo IMG_0112_zps16a68b25.jpg
 photo IMG_0173_zpscd657b50.jpg
 photo IMG_1965_zps0aecbd0c.jpg
 photo IMG_3411_zpsc11d443f.jpg  photo IMG_3461_zpsed06d3b7.jpg
 photo IMG_3841_zpsa3cf56c7.jpg  photo IMG_4220_zpsa704cd49.jpg
 photo IMG_3899_zps1ab58f21.jpg
 photo IMG_3913_zps39f78985.jpg  photo IMG_4242_zps5e35edf5.jpg
 photo IMG_5194_zpsde3ff234.jpg
 photo IMG_2615_zps50f2ab2d.jpg

 photo IMG_5183_zps057d154a.jpg


sadly... this isn't even the half of it.
but many of my friends are professionals and I would hate to ruin any chance of them becoming famous, or being a politician!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So I play on "Grown Up Sports League"... and we play dodge ball!
my team: "Hard Targets" (few people missing)
 photo 1013167_493472420741899_2008579168_n_zps0a2a0875.jpg
yeah... like real life dodge ball.
not as intense as in the movie, but intense nonetheless!
 photo 942586_476452222443919_1136226567_n_zps29ab062f.jpg
My friend Amanda had  heard about the league a while back and wanted to play kickball.
We both happened to have Monday nights available and that is the nights dodge ball is.
She asked me and I declined like the first three times.
no way! I was not into the idea of people attacking me and trying to hit me...
I am all for socializing and sports... but this sounded brutal.
 photo IMG_5085_zpsb984e1d0.jpg
finally Amanda talked me into it.
and since I am trying to do things that terrify me, I thought it was perfect.
little did I know. how perfect it would be!
Obviously I am NOT an athlete, and I am probably the weakest link on the team... but what I lack in talent I make up for in... cheering them on? heart? drinking beer?
ex: I am not even paying attention here... I guess I was fixing Amanda's hair?
that too is important though.
 photo 1006233_476451852443956_1366586944_n_zps3fd53fb9.jpg
so long story short, we sign up for dodge ball.
we are the "free agent team"
 (basically nobody knows anyone and we haven't all played previous seasons)
 photo 970237_476452165777258_948388749_n_zps6703496d.jpg
a couple of people knew each other, but other than that, we were all just in it to have fun and meet new people... and that we did!
I have never seen such a group of strangers from so many different walks of life just "click".
We are all different ages, have different jobs, and are from all over the country, etc.
 photo 971254_476452189110589_1484816338_n_zps4a19fa2e.jpg
I know I have done a good job of making this intense sport sound girly and emotional...
but this underdog story isn't over...
last week started the playoffs and we won our first round, last night was the semi finals and finals... and you got it...
World Champions of the World:
 photo IMG_6433_zps9f09aa91.png
*I missed the finals game bc my aunt & uncle were in town from Florida, 
I see them once every few years.
but I for sure drove all the way to the bar after to celebrate with the team!!
 photo 88af8adf-5020-485a-915c-60e040b60fe8_zps03d84251.jpg
So it was definitely and experience and it isn't over.
We all hang out outside of dodge ball sometimes and have registered to play next season, which starts in like a month!
I am so glad I decided to play & I will start my spring training today in hopes of helping my team out a little more next season!
and we are coming back better than ever with a new team name:
Blue Balls & Pink Tacos!
(love some good humor and we can lose those maroon shirts, sorry Maggie & Amanda)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 photo IMG_6200_zps954dbad2.jpg
A little late, but a weekend recap on a Wednesday night is just fine.
(and I am well aware of what a nerd I am... but the Pirates are playing good & I got some good use out of my garage sale tee!)

 photo IMG_6204_zps54adb822.jpg

Friday I got to see my man, John Mayer (hold your judgment, thanks).
Ashley & I have seen Mayer together three times!
I like to go to his shows with someone who truly appreciates him like I do lol

The show was really good, but maybe I am getting old and I wanted him to play more '05-'08 Mayer music. Still a great show & it at one point poured on us in the lawn.
I kind of loved it & made it a lot of fun actually.
 photo IMG_6217_zps4cafd1f9.jpg

Saturday I worked a few hours and then headed over to my Rodeo Committees Bowling Tournament. They let us practice for a few min before the games and of course the first ball I threw was a strike lol

I didn't keep up that momentum, but I did beat my team the last game.
All that practice at TKS summer camp paid off.
 photo IMG_6237_zps1069362b.jpg

Saturday night was an impromptu Girl's Night

 photo IMG_6256_zps1d652ec3.jpg
 I took full advantage of now living right next to the Tasting Room
(ps. meet my neighbors Amanda & Jamie: we all got to walk home!)
 photo IMG_6273_zpse72b3868.jpg
 photo IMG_6274_zpsd2ad281d.jpg


This past week I have dog sat three different dogs:
Dambula, Jack, & Ginger.
I love them all so very much, but they def made me realize how much work having a pet is.

 photo IMG_6140_zps69f174cf.jpg  photo IMG_6180_zpsba43658c.jpg

Ginger was less than amused by Jack.
only children can be such brats...

 photo IMG_6249_zps804a1547.jpg  photo IMG_6248_zpsc4dc9c70.jpg


Last night a few of my friends and I grabbed dinner and hung out at the apartment.
I wish this could happen once a week.

We all get busy, but it is so nice to just get together and catch up.

 photo IMG_6346_zpsebe9a90b.jpg


Anyone else over this rain?!

I spent 15min curling my hair this morning and as soon as I walked to my car it POURED on me... nothing like soaking wet hair with hairspray in it.
 photo IMG_6352_zps9bdcd682.jpg

I am slowly getting my apartment together!
I am so in love with it.
 photo IMG_6347_zps0ea22ddf.jpg


Friday, July 12, 2013


 photo IMG_5835_zps108a7db5.jpg
I was so lucky to get to go to Cancun last week.
No cell  phones, no internet (went to the business center 2X a day to check on the store though!), no people in a hurry, no one in a bad mood.
Just the sand, the sun, drinks, good company... and iguanas.
but they stayed far enough away lol
 photo IMG_6128_zps877b04ae.jpg  photo IMG_6120_zpsfa9c1c3d.jpg
and this is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexico (I'm not partial to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, etc. they all feel the same & I love them equally):
1. Drinks.
It is perfectly acceptable to drink at any time of the day in Mexico. Not that I do have beer at 10am often, but if I want to, it is okay!  You can also drink out of coconuts!
 photo IMG_6098_zpsfc50cb75.jpg
 photo IMG_6094_zpsc6c35f7d.jpg  photo IMG_6093_zps5255f0a4.jpg
2. You can go on fun excursions.
( and look like a complete dork in doing so)
 photo IMG_6091_zps3e9188be.jpg
Our speed boat/snorkeling trip was really cool.
 photo IMG_6080_zpsd5607efc.jpg
3. You can drink "Cristal" and be Mona Lisa.
oh you fancy, huh?!
 photo IMG_6075_zps3709a7ff.jpg  photo IMG_6074_zpsd297e8ce.jpg
4. Swimming with Dolphins:
 photo IMG_6057_zps6c7d62e3.jpg
I didn't feel like splurging on the professional pics, sort of regret it now
bc I was smiling so BIG like a little kid. Best hour ever. DO IT!
We got to feed them, kiss them, swim with them, and they even pushed us up out of the water. loved it.
 photo IMG_6054_zps433b012f.jpg
5. The local bars are so fun!
(and everyone is there to have fun)
 photo IMG_5939_zps84487319.jpg
 photo IMG_6028_zps4d5a4d6d.jpg
6. You live in Bathing Suits
 photo IMG_5993_zps070c8044.jpg
My 4th of July bathing suit
(from Old Navy, stolen from Emily)
 photo IMG_5999_zpsf1d97f35.jpg
7. Tequila "Tastings" and Sombreros!
 photo IMG_5921_zpsddf1c36f.jpg
 photo IMG_5918_zps6dc4edb4.jpg  photo IMG_5917_zpsc977fd1b.jpg
8. Mariachi Bands play the Chicken Dance... at dinner.
 photo IMG_5903_zps086ba0c1.jpg  photo IMG_5908_zpsc182f15b.jpg
9. Your dad (who does not drink) wins a bottle of Tequila at Bingo
 photo IMG_5892_zpsf363d4de.jpg  photo IMG_5888_zps25e9404e.jpg  photo IMG_5887_zps5922659f.jpg
10. It is just SO BEAUTIFUL!
 photo IMG_5884_zps835bc75d.jpg
 photo IMG_6131_zps598e0a02.jpg
 photo IMG_6002_zps21cbbd34.jpg
 photo IMG_5926_zpsc28a5873.jpg
I don't think I will ever get tired of going to Mexico.