Thursday, July 11, 2013

jamie & ryan

Jamie & Ryan got married last month!
 photo IMG_5293_zps21ae07dc.jpg
I love love love them!
Sometimes you just meet people and you "click", that is exactly what happened with me and Jamie. I haven't even known her a year, but it feels like a lifetime & I am so blessed that her and Ryan are now a part of my life. I hope I can be at least half of the friend to them, that they have been to me!
(end sappy note)
Jamie & Ryan had their Rehearsal Dinner @ St. Arnold's.
so fun!
 photo IMG_5291_zpsed0c38d8.jpg
I brought the prettiest date:
 photo IMG_5307_zpsb8205b7c.jpg
 photo IMG_5299_zps09f1fc04.jpg  photo IMG_5298_zps3325d1d6.jpg
The next day was the BIG DAY!
 photo IMG_5317_zps505c6038.jpg
 photo IMG_5367_zpsb89fbdc0.jpg  photo IMG_5365_zpsb3432dc5.jpg
 photo IMG_5339_zpsd68fdeb2.jpg  photo IMG_5328_zpsa11d6166.jpg
 photo IMG_5406_zpsf8ef3c09.jpg  photo IMG_5389_zps7f65aa05.jpg
 photo IMG_5354_zpse501930a.jpg
such a fun night!
Jamie & Ryan,
I wish you nothing but the very best & cannot wait until we are neighbors : ]

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