Tuesday, September 16, 2014

weekend things.

so obviously J doesn't understand the importance of a 
salted caramel mocha selfie. 

(ps. auto correct tried to change "selfie" to SELFISH.)

yes. spot on. 


Ginger and I hung out this weekend.

I love her with my whole heart.


Sunday we celebrated Jessica's birthday by going out to brunch.

It was by far the best brunch I have ever attended.
we sat there for over 3 hours eating, drinking, and laughing.

I wish we had an elementary group pic to side by side this one.
such long, wonderful friendships. 


I made myself this beautiful 
Moscow mule arrangement.

the copper is fun for fall!


update on my foot:

I thought I had originally twisted my ankle or something... 
but it is a stress fracture on my heel.

  I have been a cry baby about it for the last week.

I just can't do anything & it is frustrating.
I know it is a minor minor pain in comparison to so many other things.
but it sucks.
I feel like I am wearing high heels and can't take them off.

it will eventually be fine & I will forget it happened,
but until then... tennis shoes with inserts all day. 


ps. wasn't that hint of fall weather so lovely?!

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