Tuesday, January 27, 2015

san antonio.

I was excited to get away this weekend.

it is always refreshing to live in someone else's city for a weekend,
and it makes coming home special too!


J and I headed to San Antonio Friday.

We met Kimber, Andrew, and baby MK for lunch on the way.

she has to be the happiest baby ever!
I met her when she was 4 days old and have yet to hear her cry.

that night we went to Lakers/Spurs game with Kendrick. 

funny story... we went to Pat O's and noticed that everyone had backpacks, then lanyards,
and then things got weird when a lot of the people there had on light up devil horns...

it took us a few minutes to realize there was an online gaming convention, so the riverwalk was lined with gamers, and Pat O's was hosting a happy hour for the gamers.

we were the oddballs.
 it was pretty funny to feel THAT out of the loop.


Saturday morning was serious.

y'all, I have been dyingggg to eat at this place since I saw it on 
Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives, 5 years ago.

two different times I came through San Antonio and wasn't down for the hour and a half wait...

but now, they have an app that tracks where you are.
if you are within 10-15miles, you can get put on the list!

we "jumped" in line when the wait time was 55-60min.
we sat around and then got ready, since we were only 4miles out.

but then they text us that the table was ready...
and that 4 miles was 11 minutes away!!

talk about a mad panic rush.

luckily, they are totally nice and let us get the next table that was available.

so sad that food brought this much joy lol


Jackie had never been to the Alamo lol
so we made sure and get that tourist stop in! 


Monday, January 19, 2015

but really.

this past week was one that defines
"work hard, play harder".

I had a lot of "workish" things going on, but fun was also had.


I previously mentioned that I am in a 
Leadership Lake Houston Program, 
put on by the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce. 

we meet every month, and a new segment of the community is taught and toured.
(Quality of Life, Education, Government, etc.)

This month was health/healthcare in the area.

We toured multiple hospitals, a dementia home, life flight, stroke facilities, a psych ward, and ERs. 

I have always had a lot of respect for people in the medical field.
I think God gives us all strengths and special qualities for helping others.
mine are not medically involved.

Tuesday was really heavy for me,
in fact, by the end of the afternoon I ended up getting teary filled eyes at the dementia home.  some things just aren't really fair.

 a HUGE thank you to anyone in ANY capacity of the medical field.
the strength it takes to put aside your feelings and worry about the life of someone else,
that is just incredible.


Wednesday was a day filled with work & running errands that I had procrastinated 
far too long.

I think you know my hatred for the cold weather,
so by the end of the night the thought of grocery shopping was far from my mind.

I grabbed dinner by myself.
it was perfect.

sometimes I need that,
and I forget.


Thursday I needed to get A LOT done.

so I chugged a Red Bull.
(which turned into selfie time)

but it was a highly successful day!

and after that fun filled day, I had plans for drinks/dinner

(I promise I don't always eat this good, but I had a wonderful week of eating!!)


See, I told you...

this happened Friday night.

and yes,
I have gained 10lbs.
so don't be too jealous of my eating adventures.

the good times come back and sit on my love handles.



Saturday was a looooooong day.

we had our rodeo committees Boots & Buckles Ball.

set up was at 9am.

I then had lunch with my mom and aunt and then turned around to 
get back to the party at 5 for check in and then good times!

so glad Liana and Josh joined the committee this year,
it is so much more fun with friends!

ps. we have another event
Friday, February 20th (7pm-2am)
at Stampede, $10

come have some country fun & raise money for scholarships! 


Sunday my mom and I decided we needed to go up to Dallas for 
Home and Gift Market.

I don't have too many gifty items at my store, 
so we needed to go check out some new vendors and place some orders.

6am came quick!

some treasures that are coming to PLT this next season!

it was a long day, but honestly it went by pretty quickly considering.
we even had some fun checking out a local boutique, sitting outside, and eating sprinkles cupcakes. 


ready for this week of sunshine

Monday, January 12, 2015



I don't hate Mondays,
 that usually means you just have the worst job ever.
but I totally understand the "blah" about them. 

more so...
it isn't winter in general that makes me crazy.
December seems so filled with potential and warm fuzzy feelings.

no. just a cloud.

anyone else feeling like a complete slug this month.
I thought the first week it was just me being incredibly tired from retail craze,
but we are 12 days in and I have yet to eat a vegetable.

J grilled chicken the other night.
I made macaroni and steamed broccoli.

 I ate a cup of mac n cheese, poured a glass of wine,
and was done with it.
no veggies or protein here, please. 

I've also ordered pizza 3 times.


I may regret this all, come Spring Break lol


but all in all,
there have been a few things to cheer up this chilly month!

-PLT has been moving right along.
January is the slowest month of the year, and coming right off the busiest, it usually feels a little "womp womp", but I have to say, steady it is!

-Lucy is still as fun as ever
and I love just sitting and talking with friends.

-And watching playoff football in a suite at the Rockets game is always
a great Saturday.

(ps. the football games were awful this weekend.
I will have to watch an emotional story about a team/player to jump on a band wagon)

-we also had a little coffee date, yesterday after church.
that made my cold heart a little warm,
and my lazy self a little jittery!
(enough to at least clean my apartment & throw away the pizza boxes)

Cheers to all of you that are killing it at the gym
and eating all your veggies.

I'll catch up.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Birthdays are the best.

I used to not understand when people were like
"omg! I am getting so old, blah blah."

but I get it now. 

26 happened SO fast.

I started out my birthday with that awesome shirt!
The steelers played Saturday night, so it was perfect for game day.

I worked for a couple of hours on my birthday and had some fun surprises:
like this insane cookie cake.

so sweet. literally! lol


The night of my birthday we got a party bus and headed out to 
Top Golf.

The bus company called and said that the smaller bus had something up with it, so they sent a larger bus instead.

y'all... it was a charter bus.
too funny!

do y'all need to hear how wonderful all these people are?!

I feel like I am always saying it,
but it is so true.

here is to another wonderful year!