Monday, January 19, 2015

but really.

this past week was one that defines
"work hard, play harder".

I had a lot of "workish" things going on, but fun was also had.


I previously mentioned that I am in a 
Leadership Lake Houston Program, 
put on by the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce. 

we meet every month, and a new segment of the community is taught and toured.
(Quality of Life, Education, Government, etc.)

This month was health/healthcare in the area.

We toured multiple hospitals, a dementia home, life flight, stroke facilities, a psych ward, and ERs. 

I have always had a lot of respect for people in the medical field.
I think God gives us all strengths and special qualities for helping others.
mine are not medically involved.

Tuesday was really heavy for me,
in fact, by the end of the afternoon I ended up getting teary filled eyes at the dementia home.  some things just aren't really fair.

 a HUGE thank you to anyone in ANY capacity of the medical field.
the strength it takes to put aside your feelings and worry about the life of someone else,
that is just incredible.


Wednesday was a day filled with work & running errands that I had procrastinated 
far too long.

I think you know my hatred for the cold weather,
so by the end of the night the thought of grocery shopping was far from my mind.

I grabbed dinner by myself.
it was perfect.

sometimes I need that,
and I forget.


Thursday I needed to get A LOT done.

so I chugged a Red Bull.
(which turned into selfie time)

but it was a highly successful day!

and after that fun filled day, I had plans for drinks/dinner

(I promise I don't always eat this good, but I had a wonderful week of eating!!)


See, I told you...

this happened Friday night.

and yes,
I have gained 10lbs.
so don't be too jealous of my eating adventures.

the good times come back and sit on my love handles.



Saturday was a looooooong day.

we had our rodeo committees Boots & Buckles Ball.

set up was at 9am.

I then had lunch with my mom and aunt and then turned around to 
get back to the party at 5 for check in and then good times!

so glad Liana and Josh joined the committee this year,
it is so much more fun with friends!

ps. we have another event
Friday, February 20th (7pm-2am)
at Stampede, $10

come have some country fun & raise money for scholarships! 


Sunday my mom and I decided we needed to go up to Dallas for 
Home and Gift Market.

I don't have too many gifty items at my store, 
so we needed to go check out some new vendors and place some orders.

6am came quick!

some treasures that are coming to PLT this next season!

it was a long day, but honestly it went by pretty quickly considering.
we even had some fun checking out a local boutique, sitting outside, and eating sprinkles cupcakes. 


ready for this week of sunshine

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