Friday, June 27, 2014

those things.

I worry.

I worry a lot.


(okay maybe I do.)

I like to think I am a pretty relaxed person, most of the time.

but I will throw myself out there and say I worry.

we all do.

but what are the things that keep me up the most?

oh, just those things 
but things that maybe, if I try really hard I can.

-I worry that I will love my kids more than my husband,
 bc he will be able to take care of himself & so I will push him to the back burner. 

-I worry that my parents will leave me too soon.
When is too soon? Well of course any time that I am still here. bc I want them here  for every.single.thing. and there will never not be a milestone that I want to do without them.

-Even worse. One parent leaving me and the other too soon. 

-That my best friends will move across the country (or to another country) 
& those random days together will be less and less.

-That someone will fall out of love with me, bc I am difficult & a perfectionist.

-That I won't have a job one day.
bc I worked for myself for years & my resume will still look similar to when I was 21.
babysitting is credible, no?

-That my kid will be special needs and I will love them,
but the world will be cruel.

-That cancer will win.

-That my friends won't be able to have children.

-When that first person breaks my kid's heart.

so I have my health, my parents, my best friends, love, a job, a place to live, and a lot of other really amazing things.

so today I will not solve the whole world and figure out God's plans.

I will relax and know that bad things are inevitable... but it will be okay!

-Jeremiah 29:11- 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a ratchet night.


"Imagine a woman that wears skinny clothes, bad looking heels & fishnet stalkings, blasts Drake or Waka off her phone, would go out of her way as to cop CD's from these artists, has a bad hairdo, looks immensely disgusting as a human being, and would rather spend her time maintaining her looks, communicating among her folk, and being a jobless, gold-digging bum for the rest of her days, not even bothering to get herself a good shower, a paying career, and a damned effort to earn a diploma."

(urban dictionary) 

so I hate to group myself/my friends in the above category.
but when I tell you we experienced the most ratchet club experience ever, in order to see Drake,
"believe me". 

I have been to clubs, crazy concerts, mosh pits, and I have even been to clubs in Vegas... 
but this, this was an experience all it's own.

just ratchet. 

we all got ready, had dinner, and then headed out to the club

we got a table bc we figured there would be far too many people & we needed a "place" to find each other and stay together...

we got  bottle service with the table & it was complete with a sparkler on the end, which was fun.
the bartender even danced in her gold booty shorts for us...

we were in a side room, so we knew we had to get into the "club" part soon before Drake came in.

...we were PACKED in there!

we got pushed SO bad one time & saw people shoving through the line...
well, it was James Harden coming to the club with his little entourage!

(this is a pic from the club's instagram)

after a good while of just standing so so close to one another, fights breaking out, sweat, other people's weave sticking to your arms, and endless Drake songs...

they finally announced him....

(Blair captured this beauty with her cell phone, we were very close.) 

and as you can see, he was relieved to see us there!

and then confetti fell & people popped more bottles

and a group of guys in front of us decided to drop kick this guy and beat the crap out of him, 
while "sec-urity" stood there nodding their heads to the music.

we decided to leave shortly after this.

what an experience.


and as we were leaving, the limo driver looked at me and said

"Nikole, that place you went... it was not  for you and your friends."

yes sir, we figured that out minute one...



Thursday, June 12, 2014

summa time

It is summer time!!

It doesn't feel much different really, but anytime that cut off denim shorts and messy hair are more acceptable, is okay with me.

I also seem to have a slight obsession with patios/drinks/snacks & spending time outside.
which is lovely... until you have to put a bathing suit on. ugh.





I think 30 min at the pool a day would make me the happiest person ever.
(except when 8+ kids are playing "Marco/Polo"... they scream like they are being attacked and I can't help but worry about them haha)

 I started OITNB this past weekend 
(along with 43878349803421980354 other people)

I made orange/black(chocolate) cupcakes for the celebration... I am 4 episodes in and trying to make it last a little longer than I really want to. Although I am looking forward to the finale!


So here starts the summer of a 25 year old

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I am 25.

which means I am in the age group of friends getting married...

let's be real for a second,
wedding season is a lot more fun than graduations, baby showers, and funerals.

and while I do look forward to my friends all having babies, weddings are the very best!


a couple of weekends ago we went to ATX for Tess & JR's Wedding.

such a good time. the ceremony was sweet, the reception was long and fun filled, and the after party was on 6th street.

this would be the only picture I got with the bride...


Tess & JR,
Thank you for letting me celebrate with y'all!
The ceremony was the sweetest & I don't think there was a dry eye.
and the reception was just a really big, fun dance party!
Lots of love in the room

Wish you all the best!


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