Thursday, January 9, 2014

two things I never put together.

My Birthday & Christmas.

NEVER EVER as a child could they be put together, 
my parents were always champs about keeping the separation,
 since the celebrations are only four days apart. 

but look at me now, all old and mature and putting Christmas & my Birthday on the SAME blog post.  funny how you don't care as much about certain things the older you get.

(but you better NOT even wrap December birthday gifts in Christmas wrapping paper. ever.)


Christmas is a little funky the older I get bc nobody in our family is having children.
(My cousin Ivy & I  aren't there just yet)

so I really just sat here for two days straight bc it is my happy place.

I showed the ladies of the family my boutique and went to church for the Christmas Eve Service.
There is something about going to church on Christmas Eve that just makes me really happy.
We never really went when I was younger, but I am glad it is something I've added in over the years.

we added a new family tradition this year:
(basically everyone on my dad's side is musically inclined, yeah it skipped this girl)

my dad on the drums. aunt julie on the vocals. uncle kelly on the guitar. uncle dennis on the guitar and vocals. cousin ivy on the keyboard and vocals.

everyone headed out on Christmas morning, which ended up being perfect bc everyone was getting sick... weird. it didn't hit my family so maybe it was some h-town crud.


and then 4 days later...

which is completely crazy to me.
I am not scared of getting older or anything, but I totally get why people say
"omg I feel like I just graduated yesterday"
bc it does, but really almost 7 years out of hs and almost 3 years out of college.

and you know you are officially "old" when you have a coffee on your bday.
(or maybe I was excited to use my new Keurig) 

I didn't really want to do too much, but I feel like all bdays should be celebrated.
it was the last Sunday of regular season football, so there we had it:
Sunday Funday!

we watched ALL the games, ate junk food, had drinks... basically the best day ever with my favorite people.

a huuuuuge thank you to everyone that came and celebrated, texted, called, or facebooked.
birthdays are fun bc you feel so special, and I really did on that day!

and you just know it was a success if you end the night at Whataburger.


and yes, I might have shed a tear on my birthday bc everything went right for the Steelers to make the playoffs, and then KC had to go and miss a field goal and then lose in overtime.

-talk about a buzz kill-

maybe next year Steelers :)

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