Wednesday, January 29, 2014


it is pretty ridiculous how many times I have already forgotten what day of the week it is.
weekends and "snow" days have got me all confused.

but what better day to do a weekend recap than Wednesday?!


Friday was a weird day bc all the schools were canceled, I ended up opening PLT a little late and we were actually pretty busy all day bc everyone was off work/school.

I hit up the Rockets game that night & got to see my boy Chandler set a record.
10 3s in the second half!

but we still pulled off that loss.


Saturday was a little country.
not usually my thing, but I had a rodeo committee event and a birthday party.

so I put on my boots and had a really good time.

I was cracking up that my Whataburger bag said "willpower" on it.
yep, none. not one ounce of willpower.

ate. that. cheeseburger. 


Sunday was the most beautiful day of all the days.

church was lovely and then me and my awesome lady friends went to brunch.

I can't believe I can literally walk to brunch on the lake from my apartment.
I need to do it more often. it was the BEST.

me & britt even got a nice little jog in later that day.

Blair and I watched the Pro Bowl & the Grammys & we still cannot decide why they don't ask us who should win?!

we wouldn't be partial to Drake at all.

(I will not take this time to vent and complain about Macklemore winning "rap album" of the year & "rap" song of the year. bc he sings pop music. but it's whatever. his admission to Kendrick was pretty funny.)

poor Kendrick...

 but hey I'm still listening to him & not Macklemore.
so there is that!

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