Friday, January 31, 2014

who is she?! pt. 3

pt. 3!

Hey, hey! 
Happy Friiiiiiiday.

This week I am introducing the fabulous Chelsey!

I have known her since 1st grade. 
we literally go waaaaaay back.

She is lots of fun, but also very smart & works very hard.

Meet Chelsey:

-What is she wearing?
Lately you can find me in pretty much the same outfit every day! I've been wearing Not Your Daughters Jeans Leggins (don't judge me please! They're so comfy/flattering and worth every penny!), a loose top, oversized boyfriend cardigan, and either over the knee equestrian boots or combat boots!
-What is she listening to? 
Uhh I can NOT stop jamming Tesselate by Ellie Goulding! 

*(oh my. love love love me some Ellie!!)
-Where is she going? 
I'm going to Babies R Us today because my friend is having her baby shower tomorrow!
-What is she reading? 
Currently 3 books, depending on my mood! Eat, Pray, Love (for like the 50th time!), The Buddha Walks Into A Bar (hilarious…thanks Blair Foster!), and The illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom. It's a great break down of all the different facets of Buddhism if that's something you're interested in!
-What is she working on?
I'm working on house hunting with my husband! And it's a lot more work than either of us thought!
-What is her favorite part of the day? 
Taking off my bra, meditating, kissing my husband, and seeing our cat and guinea pig. And in that exact order! Haha!

-What is she eating? 
I could lie here and say carrots. But I just ate a Dunkin Donut…

*(amen girrrl!)
-What is she drinking?
Dunkin Donut coffee for the first time! It was pretty delish!
-What is she loving? 
I am LOVING the new GIANT vanity we just built in our room. It's as big as a desk and I feel like I have so much storage and space to get pretty every day! And it's in a zen color scheme and has buddhas and bamboo sitting on it. It's definitely my "me" space.

-What is she watching? 
All week I've just been watching Girls over and over…and over. It's basically my favorite thing ever at the moment.
-What is her favorite quote? 

Thanks for participating Chelsey!


Hope you all have a crazy good weekend & eat all the fun football food you can handle! 

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