Friday, January 17, 2014

who is she?! pt.1

 so the other day at work someone called from District Magazine (a publication out of Houston) and she asked to interview me for a small story about women in the Houston area.

sounds like an amazing thing, right?! 
(except she didn't get a picture or anything, it is probably like a side panel story)

either way it got me thinking.

People are more intrigued with our lives than we think.
I feel like I am pretty "normal" and practical so I felt really silly answering the questions, but they were in such a fun format that I thought I should do what all creative people do- 
steal someone else's idea! :) 

so I am planning on introducing a fun person in my life every Friday for a fun thing called:

I am going to go ahead and take over this first Friday for ya (so she is obviously ME)
 and answer some of the questions I was asked, plus a few more:


(and these aren't literally what is going on at.this.very.second.)

What is she wearing?

She is wearing a black blazer, dark skinny jeans, and far too many bracelets.
maybe glasses if she is feeling artsy (or driving at night)

What is she listening to?

Ellie Goulding Radio on Pandora (got that concert coming up in March!)

also, Beyonce's XO is on repeat,
 Lorde's Pure Heroine album,
and the new rap station 93.7 while driving.

Where is she going?

everywhere. literally.
but most excitingly, VEGAS in February for Magic Market & a fun girl's trip.

and lots of weddings this spring.

What is she reading?

Live 10 by Terry A.Smith,
the Verse of the Day every morning,
and quotes on Pinterest.

What is she working on?

adding more pieces to the online store,
the desire to want to workout,
making the bed every morning,
& being a good friend.

What is her favorite part of the day?

in the morning, that chill time before the day starts,
catching up on dumb shows and browsing the internet.
(unless I have something really fun planned for that night)

What is she eating?

lately lots of cheeses with wine,
(I've been obsessed with cheese lately lol)
My Fit Foods for lunch,
and fried pickle spears with ranch, please!

What is she drinking?

water water water (with Crystal Light drops),
Michelob Ultra with a lime,
or a Large Unsweet Tea from Chick fil A,
and wine :)

What is she loving?

time with friends,
the current Houston weather (not too cold, not too hot),
black flats,
& fresh flowers.
(that I bought myself just bc they were pretty)

What is she watching?

Courtney Loves Dallas
(bc Courtney & I are supposed to be friends IRL),
Sport's Center,
& football for a couple more weeks... 


Have a great weekend !!