Wednesday, January 8, 2014


December was ridiculously crazy.
If Christmas/My Bday/NYE aren't enough,
I seemed to have something going on consistently.

but I love crazy, so it worked!


Here is a little of the fun:

-My family & I went to see Elf.

I'm not going to lie and say it was better without Will Ferrell.

-I hosted our 2nd Annual Wine Swap.
always a good time seeing all my girlfriends in the same room.

here is my apartment when it was all pretty for Christmas.

-Chris had a birthday!

-Sunday Funday

-I finally got to try Jus Mac & see Jay Z... in the same night!
and yeah, they were both everything I wanted.

-Fun girl's night
Jamie brought us homemade wine, lovely!

-Sarah came into town! 
always good to see her & glad Jess was home for a little bit too!
I go waaaay back with all these girls.

-night out with my pals.

-Birthday Eve Rockets game with my favorites.
and the Rockets won!

 -a double dose of midtown with these pretty ladies.


It was such a fun,busy month.
but I will be perfectly honest in saying sitting home on the couch is far more "my thing" 
most of the time lol 
so if you need me, that is will you will find me for a while, catching up on lots of sleep! 
January has been the complete opposite thus far :) 

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