My name is Nikole!  Nikole with a K!

I am 25

-I live in  Kingwood, TEXAS
 obsessed with TexMex food.

-I graduated from the University of Houston in 2011.

-I love my church so much!
-I love love love to travel.
 but I am perfectly content on a beach somewhere, or floating the river.

-I am an avid football fan! Steelers are my team, Texans are second.
I love hanging out with a group of friends and watching football.


-I own a small clothing boutique in my area-
It is my passion and I am lucky enough to get to do it every single day.
even though I own a clothing boutique, when I am not at work you will find me in a vintage sporting tee and denim shorts (my favorite).

Welcome to my blog- 
Trying to keep life balanced with work/responsibilities
 and still having lots of fun!