Monday, January 12, 2015



I don't hate Mondays,
 that usually means you just have the worst job ever.
but I totally understand the "blah" about them. 

more so...
it isn't winter in general that makes me crazy.
December seems so filled with potential and warm fuzzy feelings.

no. just a cloud.

anyone else feeling like a complete slug this month.
I thought the first week it was just me being incredibly tired from retail craze,
but we are 12 days in and I have yet to eat a vegetable.

J grilled chicken the other night.
I made macaroni and steamed broccoli.

 I ate a cup of mac n cheese, poured a glass of wine,
and was done with it.
no veggies or protein here, please. 

I've also ordered pizza 3 times.


I may regret this all, come Spring Break lol


but all in all,
there have been a few things to cheer up this chilly month!

-PLT has been moving right along.
January is the slowest month of the year, and coming right off the busiest, it usually feels a little "womp womp", but I have to say, steady it is!

-Lucy is still as fun as ever
and I love just sitting and talking with friends.

-And watching playoff football in a suite at the Rockets game is always
a great Saturday.

(ps. the football games were awful this weekend.
I will have to watch an emotional story about a team/player to jump on a band wagon)

-we also had a little coffee date, yesterday after church.
that made my cold heart a little warm,
and my lazy self a little jittery!
(enough to at least clean my apartment & throw away the pizza boxes)

Cheers to all of you that are killing it at the gym
and eating all your veggies.

I'll catch up.


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