Wednesday, September 17, 2014

life lessons.

life lesson 908347943908

do NOT put glass in the baby carrier of the grocery basket.

this could happen:

and of course I drop the nastiest looking jar haha
It is chicken enchilada soup mix.

but looked like barf in a jar.
and then barf on the floor.

and it got on my shoes.

I couldn't help but scream so loud when it hit the floor.

and alllllll of the afternoon HEB grocery shoppers just stop and stare.
(do you know how many people shop on Sundays?!) 


I will say, 
you can turn any mortifying event into a reason to eat.

so I took my enchilada stank foot walk of shame and got another jar of mix,
added some chicken,

and topped it with 
-cilantro -tortilla strips -sour cream -guac -cheese

it was delicious!

but I think my face is still a little red from that 5 minutes of waiting for the 
HEB clean up squad.

lesson learned. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

weekend things.

so obviously J doesn't understand the importance of a 
salted caramel mocha selfie. 

(ps. auto correct tried to change "selfie" to SELFISH.)

yes. spot on. 


Ginger and I hung out this weekend.

I love her with my whole heart.


Sunday we celebrated Jessica's birthday by going out to brunch.

It was by far the best brunch I have ever attended.
we sat there for over 3 hours eating, drinking, and laughing.

I wish we had an elementary group pic to side by side this one.
such long, wonderful friendships. 


I made myself this beautiful 
Moscow mule arrangement.

the copper is fun for fall!


update on my foot:

I thought I had originally twisted my ankle or something... 
but it is a stress fracture on my heel.

  I have been a cry baby about it for the last week.

I just can't do anything & it is frustrating.
I know it is a minor minor pain in comparison to so many other things.
but it sucks.
I feel like I am wearing high heels and can't take them off.

it will eventually be fine & I will forget it happened,
but until then... tennis shoes with inserts all day. 


ps. wasn't that hint of fall weather so lovely?!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


this weekend was pretty busy, but fun filled busy.

and isn't it funny how life is just not perfect?!
this weekend was a lovely portrayal of highs & lows lol


the bad:
that hummus & frozen cocktails gave me heartburn for the whole rest of the day,
I realized I lost my debit card at some point. blah.

 the good:
work was busyyyy,
Jessica was off work,
we headed to Boheme for drinks & snacks,
had a bake off with my friends while we watched college football & painted our nails.



the bad:
I twisted my ankle somehow, just walking. it still hurts! 
J had an actual screw in his food at lunch,
it decided to rain so horribly right when I had to run up to PLT for some minor issues 
with the receipt printer. 

the good:
it was Chuck Noll Day,
NFL week 1,
Steelers win,
got to see my girls,
got a free ice cream sundae (bc of the screw in the food),
& met baby Makayleigh!
(and holding a newborn is the closest thing to feeling God, to me.
It is just overwhelming and amazing.)



the bad:
seriously, my ankle still hurts... lol
and I can't tell you the last time I worked out, this isn't helping,
all those boxes means a lot of work too.

the good:
Lunch on my day off with my favorite people,
lots of new stuff for PLT,
housewives fun with my friends.


have a GOOD day!
(or at least let the good outweigh the bad. always!) 

Friday, September 5, 2014

friday faves.

Friday faves is a nice way of saying

"I don't have a blog topic, so this is some random stuff I like."

1. an "official" name badge.

I have actually never had one.
and so I feel pretty dang important with this one lol

but seriously, I am very excited for all the fun/knowledge/networking that will come with Leadership Lake Houston.


2. this picture

I can't stop laughing at it. so funny.


3. these sandals.


4. this shirt

I might have worn them each twice this week.
but who is counting?!


5. this girl

and these drinks:

we had such a good time catching up the other night.
and really look at the background we had.
so fancy. 


6. these napkins.

they mean so much more this week, and I like how when they sit in my napkin holder,
they just read "don't worry" bc I need that as well! 


7. cups & crystal light

they are right there with my cellphone of things I NEED.


8. these cookies

they are one of those 
"I wish I never tried you" things.
ah. so good!


9. fall

I feel so cliche for being over here like
"yay! fall is almost here! and leggings and boots and pumpkin candles... blah blah."

but truth is.
it really is that exciting 


10. football, duh!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

uh football.

you know that excitement when it is 
of college ball
your team gets a 

yeah, we felt it too!

we did not score until the 4th quarter
(after the 2nd string was put in from UTSA)

but that is not important.

still excited!
(just not necessarily hyped about my Coogs future this season)