Wednesday, September 17, 2014

life lessons.

life lesson 908347943908

do NOT put glass in the baby carrier of the grocery basket.

this could happen:

and of course I drop the nastiest looking jar haha
It is chicken enchilada soup mix.

but looked like barf in a jar.
and then barf on the floor.

and it got on my shoes.

I couldn't help but scream so loud when it hit the floor.

and alllllll of the afternoon HEB grocery shoppers just stop and stare.
(do you know how many people shop on Sundays?!) 


I will say, 
you can turn any mortifying event into a reason to eat.

so I took my enchilada stank foot walk of shame and got another jar of mix,
added some chicken,

and topped it with 
-cilantro -tortilla strips -sour cream -guac -cheese

it was delicious!

but I think my face is still a little red from that 5 minutes of waiting for the 
HEB clean up squad.

lesson learned. 

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