Wednesday, September 10, 2014


this weekend was pretty busy, but fun filled busy.

and isn't it funny how life is just not perfect?!
this weekend was a lovely portrayal of highs & lows lol


the bad:
that hummus & frozen cocktails gave me heartburn for the whole rest of the day,
I realized I lost my debit card at some point. blah.

 the good:
work was busyyyy,
Jessica was off work,
we headed to Boheme for drinks & snacks,
had a bake off with my friends while we watched college football & painted our nails.



the bad:
I twisted my ankle somehow, just walking. it still hurts! 
J had an actual screw in his food at lunch,
it decided to rain so horribly right when I had to run up to PLT for some minor issues 
with the receipt printer. 

the good:
it was Chuck Noll Day,
NFL week 1,
Steelers win,
got to see my girls,
got a free ice cream sundae (bc of the screw in the food),
& met baby Makayleigh!
(and holding a newborn is the closest thing to feeling God, to me.
It is just overwhelming and amazing.)



the bad:
seriously, my ankle still hurts... lol
and I can't tell you the last time I worked out, this isn't helping,
all those boxes means a lot of work too.

the good:
Lunch on my day off with my favorite people,
lots of new stuff for PLT,
housewives fun with my friends.


have a GOOD day!
(or at least let the good outweigh the bad. always!) 

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