Thursday, February 27, 2014

vegas pt. 3

 I left off here, part 2.

we were really great at having a fun time, but then really taking time to chill.

"all hail, Caesar's home."
(yes, I sang that everrrrry time we walked by.) 

dinner @ Mesa Grill.

limo to the comedy club.
& birthday celebration!


the next two days were filled with really great breakfast and tons of shopping!

such a great trip!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

vegas pt.2

part 1 here.


Day 2:

 headaches. bloody marys. pool time. serendipity. 

room view @ caesar's: 

 dinner. drinks. bottle service. pure night club.

omg. i love every.single.person in those pictures! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

vegas. part 1


You can't say it without thinking of crazy stories, lots of fun, too much eating/drinking,
 and great memories.

this "work" trip was probably my fav.
(I go to vegas twice a year... join me?!)

I brought two of my fav pals & my mom joined in with four of her/our great friends.


Day 1:
Jamie, Blair, & I flew out a day before the other ladies...
bright & early Saturday morning!

you know it is going to be a great trip when it starts out with your fellow passengers 
"photo bombing" your airplane selfie at 10am.


in her defense she was very intoxicated, headed to vegas, and I started the jokes first.

(wait, why am I defending her?! she was flipping us off drunkenly at 10am! lol)

we stayed 1 night at the Venetian:
room was perfect!

bloody marys. tom ford. lavo. & lots of walking. 

cirque show-zumanity. dinner in ny. drinks @ rhumbar.

( free drinks make us happy)

tried to take a selfie... remember the airplane?! lol 

1 oak. no sighting of juicy j :(. tao night club. indian bachelor party fun.

after being awake a good 20 hours,
we called it a night.

great first day.

Friday, February 21, 2014

who is she?! pt. 5

Happy Friday,
I can't believe I actually even know what day it is.

2 back to back weird weeks.
good weird, but weird nonetheless.

here's to a chill few weeks.

(except cook off is next weekend,
okay let's just shoot for a chill few days)


Meet Mary!

I have known her since I was 8 years old.
we've literally been through it ALL.

What is she wearing? 
A lot of J Crew and Vineyard Vines!
-What is she listening to? 
Anything from Yo Gotti to Flyleaf! Depends on my mood that day

-Where is she going? 
went to Austin this past weekend to run my 5th half marathon!

-What is she reading? 
Currently, Psychology junk lol no fun reading at this moment.
-What is she working on? 
Getting ahead in my classes before I start traveling for work again! 
-Who is she with? 
Cuddled on the coach with Keith & Kolbie (my pup)
-What is she afraid off? 
The wind No chimes in my yard!!
-What is she hoping for? 
To get promoted to market director!!!
-What is her favorite part of the day?
When it's gym time! Headphones in and I'm zoned out. It's "me" time! -What is she eating? 
Salata! My current obsession!
-What is she drinking? 
Lots of water! I'd rather be drinking a glass of wine but my half marathon is a few days away.
-What is she loving? 
How cuddly and calm my dog is. She's usually getting into trouble

-What is she watching? 
House hunters. Keith refuses to watch The Housewives lol
-What is her favorite quote?

-Love ya "Mury"-


y'all have a great weekend!

I will be at work & resting...

-vegas makes me tired-