Tuesday, May 27, 2014

random tuesday fun.

Remember those fun fill out things from Myspace?!

the ones that you fill out & nobody really cares?!

yep, I did one & threw in some random pictures, that alone could not fill up a blog.



Cooking: I've been using my cute little grill lately, makes me excited to eat semi-healthy.

Drinking: Water all the dang time.  

Reading: too many books at one time, I need to actually finish one. 

Wanting: my hair to grow. a day by the pool. a week at the beach.

Looking: real rough today. this rain though.

Playing: I'm stuck on this one. I'm not playing... lol 

Wasting: Time doing this, duh! and wasting money at Target... but it isn't really wasting if you LOVE it.  

Wishing: I was naturally tan & that tanning beds did not cause skin cancer.  

(but I do enjoy wine/spray tans) 

Enjoying: work being so lovely.I am really liking my new hires, spring clothes, & being busy.

Waiting: always, and half the time I really don't even know what for exactly. 

Liking: those plastic tumblers with plastic straws for my ice water.  

Wondering: if anyone else finds these dumb quizzes half as interesting as I do!

Loving: summer time. laying on the couch. church. laughing really hard. sleep. 

Hoping: Even though I have made horrible eating choices, that my body decides to just ignore those 8345894398043 calories and not turn them into jiggle fat. 

Marveling: At life. and the strange beauty of imperfection. 

Needing: a week long vacation away from everything, where I have to sit still and not know what time it is. 

Smelling: my scentsy! 

Wearing: a black shirt with dark skinnies. I mean, do I even wear anything else?! 

Following: strangers on instagram, but not letting strangers follow me... makes sense.  

Noticing: girls are crazy. we make up most of the things that make us crazy also. 

Knowing: I feel like I've lived so much, and I am not even a third of the way done. (hopefully!)

Thinking: more like over thinking, anything & everything. 

Feeling: good today.

Bookmarking: my daily journal has a bookmark. thank goodness, I would never find the days without it. 

Opening: books? doors? what do you mean. 

Giggling: all the time. especially when it is uncomfortable. 

Feeling: lazy. I need to start making the most of my mornings before work!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

jessica graduates law school.

I have an abnormally smart group of friends.
overachievers to say the least

 I LOVE it.

without knowing it, I think we push each other to do our best.
it has never been a competition, bc we have all chosen very different educational/career/relationship paths,
but what we do is set a standard of our best, not perfection,
and it has been so awesome to see how brilliant my friends are.

(I have other brilliant friends not pictured above lol) 


this week I will brag on Jessica, who just graduated law school from St. Mary's. 

she alllllllways had this goal.

we are SO proud of her!

Congrats JESS,
can't wait to have you back home!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

fun week.

I promise I worked all these days,
I just sure did find time to have some fun too.


what a beautiful WIN by our Rockets.
sad that whole playoff thing is over.

i will never underestimate the power of a second.


finally got some crawfish
and got to see my best friend.
life has gotten in the way of my eating crawfish & seeing holly.
glad that changed this week. lol 


worked with these pretty ladies.

and had a little birthday dinner for my mom

when I tell you the weather was perfect, 
I am not exaggerating.

I could have sat there all night.
it was lovely.
(and there were chips and salsa lol)

I had my first
Bahama Buck's snocone that night too.

toasted coconut with cream.
your'e welcome.


Saturday & Sunday:

a mix of work, being lazy, and pool time.


my mom & little sister's  Birthdays

I took Bre for a snocone after school

and my mom, my dad, & I had 
wonderful pappasitos last night :)


It has been a fun week of summerish things & I love it!