Tuesday, May 6, 2014

fun week.

I promise I worked all these days,
I just sure did find time to have some fun too.


what a beautiful WIN by our Rockets.
sad that whole playoff thing is over.

i will never underestimate the power of a second.


finally got some crawfish
and got to see my best friend.
life has gotten in the way of my eating crawfish & seeing holly.
glad that changed this week. lol 


worked with these pretty ladies.

and had a little birthday dinner for my mom

when I tell you the weather was perfect, 
I am not exaggerating.

I could have sat there all night.
it was lovely.
(and there were chips and salsa lol)

I had my first
Bahama Buck's snocone that night too.

toasted coconut with cream.
your'e welcome.


Saturday & Sunday:

a mix of work, being lazy, and pool time.


my mom & little sister's  Birthdays

I took Bre for a snocone after school

and my mom, my dad, & I had 
wonderful pappasitos last night :)


It has been a fun week of summerish things & I love it!

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