Tuesday, April 29, 2014

cage the elephant.

this past weekend was fairly lovely.

I went to see
Cage the Elephant 
@ House of Blues.

love that venue a lot.

we caught happy hour @ guadalajara before the show.
another one of my favorite things lol 

the show was so great, but I will say
1. I am either getting old.
2. they were a rowdy bunch of concert goers.

they were moshing like crazy... which I do not understand.
If I am going to push you around, it is bc I am not happy.

anyway, I lost an earring & have a fun bruise on my foot, but I will say we hung in there with the best of them! 


I watched Ginger all weekend.

I love her so very much,
she cracks me up.

she judged me hardcore for watching RHOA reunion.


and this pretty lady got married this weekend!
sad I had to miss it, but she looked beautiful & looks like it was a ton of fun! 


have a good one...
I wish I could just lay in the sun ALL day.
it is perfect!

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