Friday, April 25, 2014

that friday.

It is Friday!

which means I should have a post on a super fun friend, but
I will be honest for a min and tell you... this week flew by!
I feel like yesterday was Easter.

so next week,
you can meet a new pal.
this week you get my randomness.


"put your records on" just came on Pandora.
today has the potential of being really great!


I have been eating like a pig lately.
it is ridiculous.

first it was the holidays and all that great food, then my girls at work bringing me cupcakes, then valentines candy, then easter candy, & going to eat with friends...

I would blame it on hormones & just being busy... but it is most def willpower that is against me,
which makes it worse.

there is always another Monday... lol


we are getting ready for summer at work and I couldn't be more excited!!

I def kept one of those beach bags... as a recovering perfectionist, that is a great reminder.

I call the girls that work for me- "my girls"
I should stop doing that bc I've had a few people ask me if I have kids lol

but these girls are too cute & we are having a great time at work, but I hope more than anything they are learning things.

sometimes I try and teach them just little life lessons, nothing to do with work.
like static guard... spray it in your hair like hairspray so your hair doesn't stick to you.


I have had a major obsession with over sized sweaters lately.
or those chiffon cover ups.

comfortable & cute. 


what is up with our Rockets?!

we HAVE to win.


I have had my customers open up to me so much lately...

I hear about heartache, breakups, celebrations, graduations, first dates,
trouble with kids, getting pregnant, friendships, etc.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them" -Marc Jacobs.

I so love living life with people.

I am 100% girl when it comes to dang pinterest quotes.

they get me every dang time.



oh heyyyy:

stolen from Vanessa. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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