Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 no, this post is not about ketchup... although I could write a whole post on that and I need to buy a bottle of that Whataburger ketchup.


I do need to also catch up on this blog.
bc I haven't blogged in a little bit!

(ps. I keep this as like an online diary...lame. but just letting you know I am not that full of myself that I think you care all that much about seeing the random things I've done. lol)

-I went to the Astro's/Rangers game with the whole Kallies/Mitchell family & we had a great time. It was a reallllly close game to & at least half (if not more) of the field was filled with Rangers fans (Holly included), so that made it really fun too!

 photo IMG_4502_zpsba7cf684.jpg
 Ty & I had a little photo shoot:
 photo IMG_4568_zps678b15e5.jpg
-I took my "little sister" out for Sonic milkshakes and pedicures for her 14th birthday.
she starts high school next year & that is so weird to me.
She is one of my very favorite people in the entire world. She has the BEST attitude.
 photo IMG_4457_zps5890980a.jpg

-Valaree graduated
& I got to see some pretty awesome people.
 photo IMG_4489_zpsd43d9cfc.jpg
 photo 971089_613572241988625_745612457_n_zpscf28de20.jpg
Congrats Val, I know you are beyond glad to be finished.


-Amanda & I had dinner @ Raffa's and we sort of might possibly go almost once a week!
I have gotten so blessed to meet some really great people in Kingwood.
So glad!  
 photo IMG_4340_zpsbc12a200.jpg


 -Brittiny graduated from A&M.
we decided to celebrate by taking the most unflattering pictures.
 photo IMG_4656_zps00dd3c02.jpg  photo IMG_4658_zps571e5162.jpg  photo IMG_4662_zps550692eb.jpg  photo IMG_4661_zpsc9cca670.jpg
Hope y'all all had a great weekend!

Friday, May 10, 2013


So a couple of weeks ago we went and saw
The Lumineers.
 photo IMG_4168_zpsbcda642e.jpg
such a good show, they sounded so awesome.
we were on the lawn, so no blurry pics of the band here. sorry!
we look ridiculous with those glowing eyes.
I tried to fix them, they are unfixable... thanks iPhone flash : ]
 photo IMG_4169_zpsb1d2de4b.jpg
we got a little excited
 photo IMG_4171_zps17d16311.jpg
so I had the CUTEST dress picked out for this show and what do ya know... that day h-town gets a cold front. It was like 60 something so no dress. I put on this bright pink shirt from PLT and when we get there guess who else had it on?! LEAH! lol
so we were twins the whole night... and we were sad Jamie couldn't make it : [
 photo IMG_4172_zps99f4c59c.jpg  photo IMG_4173_zps966fed7e.jpg
those beautiful glowing eyes...
but seriously, my friends are SO gorgeous. just naturally so beautiful.
 photo IMG_4181_zps4c0c81ef.jpg
 photo IMG_4184_zps1c25683d.jpg
these pictures are the best:
 photo IMG_4185_zps2037f117.jpg  photo IMG_4186_zps26c62b29.jpg
gotta love Cynthia woods lawn.
and this show was extra awesome bc they didn't put lawn seats on sale until a week before the show, see all the emptiness? it was so nice not to be crowded!
 photo IMG_4189_zps2cd94d99.jpg
The Lumineers were awesome, but they played all our favorite songs within 5min,
we were so confused!
I like that they surprised everyone and played "Ho Hey" like 3rd, but I thought they would save something fun for the end, they didn't really lol
 photo IMG_4207_zps07da1e73.jpg  photo IMG_4205_zps51dc5c05.jpg
we ran into Alida and Stephen at the end of the show!
 photo IMG_4215_zps77e2b441.jpg
and continued our fun night at Baker Street Pub.
 photo IMG_4224_zps85ec6444.jpg
such a fun night-it was just one of those that everything came together perfect & it helped that it was with some of my very favorite people.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

a lame post.

so there is this thing that is bothering me...
it is called "assuming".
I do it, duh!
 but then when it happens to me I am so very offended. lol
anyway, guess what else I do?
I only post pictures of myself when I am dressed semi decent and have makeup on,
truth is... It is a BIG deal that I got myself fixed up & that is why I document it.
I take pictures when I am out with friends & having a drink,
truth is... I just happen to take pictures then, not when I am sitting on the couch or working.
(which happens more often)
I also only blog very fun things,
truth is... there is plenty of lameness going on in between those very fun things!
so I guess what I am trying to say is that:
the internet is only a tiny part of what is really going on & the most fun times are balanced with the most hard times, we just don't photograph/ blog those. I get that, hope y'all do too!

 and to balance out this little blog... take a look at today:

I bought those mounting sticker things so that I wouldn't have 1,000 nail holes in the boutique walls, fail!

 photo IMG_4475_zps34170223.jpg
I wish I could say it happened that one time, but not really.
I have a huge gallery wall & I am redoing the pictures in all the frames, every one I touch is just ripping off the paint/half the wall.
 photo IMG_4476_zps5ab94403.jpg
and then...
a kid...a kid named "Jacob Smith"
 photo IMG_4479_zps3350ab8d.jpg
oh dear.
 (maybe he will be famous some day & I will have his autograph, alreadyyyy)
yes I will pinterest some awesome way to clean it.
but it still sucks a little bit.
ps. I was NOT at the store when this happened.
 I will now be spying on any little kid that sits there lol

andddd. it is raining.
99% of the time rain=weird day.
bc my mood is sadly directly effected by the weather.
(I am working on it)


okay glad all that is out of the way,
now back to our regularly scheduled blogging,

tomorrow = The Lumineers Concert!

 photo 407026_10151522690263971_1831473537_n_zps1c9173ea.jpg

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new friends

the other week I went to a wine class
@ The Tasting Room.

I think it was supposed to be informative on wines and history, but we ended up meeting new friends and getting educated on life. the important stuff.

 photo IMG_4091_zps879947fa.jpg
why do I have to be the nerdy kid that gets red eye in EVERY picture?!
(unfixable red eye... I tried.)
anyway,the girlssss:
 photo IMG_4110_zps7a12cb44.jpg
we sat on the patio & the weather was so so awesome.
 I wish it always felt like this in Texas.
 we got to talking to the couple next to us in the wine class.
they were so awesome and really sweet.
they have traveled ALL over the world and it was so fun to hear stories & even share in on
a birthday celebration. these people know the value of life.
 photo IMG_4094_zps7a8730af.jpg  photo IMG_4106_zpsd68955ba.jpg
we also met these other people @ our table...
 Jamie attacked me with pictures, so I of course acted mature about the whole thing.
 photo IMG_4116_zpse18f0866.jpg  photo IMG_4119_zpsfda7bca6.jpg
our good friend (the older man) also had a
"5 MILLION" dollar bill in his wallet... lol
 photo IMG_4149_zps141b975a.jpg
dolla' dolla' bills
 photo IMG_4151_zps9a81bf85.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpsec2a5a1d.jpg
what a fun night!

and yeah... we are all friends on facebook now.

if that isn't official then I don't know what is.