Thursday, May 9, 2013

a lame post.

so there is this thing that is bothering me...
it is called "assuming".
I do it, duh!
 but then when it happens to me I am so very offended. lol
anyway, guess what else I do?
I only post pictures of myself when I am dressed semi decent and have makeup on,
truth is... It is a BIG deal that I got myself fixed up & that is why I document it.
I take pictures when I am out with friends & having a drink,
truth is... I just happen to take pictures then, not when I am sitting on the couch or working.
(which happens more often)
I also only blog very fun things,
truth is... there is plenty of lameness going on in between those very fun things!
so I guess what I am trying to say is that:
the internet is only a tiny part of what is really going on & the most fun times are balanced with the most hard times, we just don't photograph/ blog those. I get that, hope y'all do too!

 and to balance out this little blog... take a look at today:

I bought those mounting sticker things so that I wouldn't have 1,000 nail holes in the boutique walls, fail!

 photo IMG_4475_zps34170223.jpg
I wish I could say it happened that one time, but not really.
I have a huge gallery wall & I am redoing the pictures in all the frames, every one I touch is just ripping off the paint/half the wall.
 photo IMG_4476_zps5ab94403.jpg
and then...
a kid...a kid named "Jacob Smith"
 photo IMG_4479_zps3350ab8d.jpg
oh dear.
 (maybe he will be famous some day & I will have his autograph, alreadyyyy)
yes I will pinterest some awesome way to clean it.
but it still sucks a little bit.
ps. I was NOT at the store when this happened.
 I will now be spying on any little kid that sits there lol

andddd. it is raining.
99% of the time rain=weird day.
bc my mood is sadly directly effected by the weather.
(I am working on it)


okay glad all that is out of the way,
now back to our regularly scheduled blogging,

tomorrow = The Lumineers Concert!

 photo 407026_10151522690263971_1831473537_n_zps1c9173ea.jpg


  1. Lol. I enjoy all your happy posts, and pictures. They always remind me to enjoy the little things.

    1. thanks samina! I do too, some people just think that is life 24/7 though haha