Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new friends

the other week I went to a wine class
@ The Tasting Room.

I think it was supposed to be informative on wines and history, but we ended up meeting new friends and getting educated on life. the important stuff.

 photo IMG_4091_zps879947fa.jpg
why do I have to be the nerdy kid that gets red eye in EVERY picture?!
(unfixable red eye... I tried.)
anyway,the girlssss:
 photo IMG_4110_zps7a12cb44.jpg
we sat on the patio & the weather was so so awesome.
 I wish it always felt like this in Texas.
 we got to talking to the couple next to us in the wine class.
they were so awesome and really sweet.
they have traveled ALL over the world and it was so fun to hear stories & even share in on
a birthday celebration. these people know the value of life.
 photo IMG_4094_zps7a8730af.jpg  photo IMG_4106_zpsd68955ba.jpg
we also met these other people @ our table...
 Jamie attacked me with pictures, so I of course acted mature about the whole thing.
 photo IMG_4116_zpse18f0866.jpg  photo IMG_4119_zpsfda7bca6.jpg
our good friend (the older man) also had a
"5 MILLION" dollar bill in his wallet... lol
 photo IMG_4149_zps141b975a.jpg
dolla' dolla' bills
 photo IMG_4151_zps9a81bf85.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpsec2a5a1d.jpg
what a fun night!

and yeah... we are all friends on facebook now.

if that isn't official then I don't know what is.

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