Friday, May 10, 2013


So a couple of weeks ago we went and saw
The Lumineers.
 photo IMG_4168_zpsbcda642e.jpg
such a good show, they sounded so awesome.
we were on the lawn, so no blurry pics of the band here. sorry!
we look ridiculous with those glowing eyes.
I tried to fix them, they are unfixable... thanks iPhone flash : ]
 photo IMG_4169_zpsb1d2de4b.jpg
we got a little excited
 photo IMG_4171_zps17d16311.jpg
so I had the CUTEST dress picked out for this show and what do ya know... that day h-town gets a cold front. It was like 60 something so no dress. I put on this bright pink shirt from PLT and when we get there guess who else had it on?! LEAH! lol
so we were twins the whole night... and we were sad Jamie couldn't make it : [
 photo IMG_4172_zps99f4c59c.jpg  photo IMG_4173_zps966fed7e.jpg
those beautiful glowing eyes...
but seriously, my friends are SO gorgeous. just naturally so beautiful.
 photo IMG_4181_zps4c0c81ef.jpg
 photo IMG_4184_zps1c25683d.jpg
these pictures are the best:
 photo IMG_4185_zps2037f117.jpg  photo IMG_4186_zps26c62b29.jpg
gotta love Cynthia woods lawn.
and this show was extra awesome bc they didn't put lawn seats on sale until a week before the show, see all the emptiness? it was so nice not to be crowded!
 photo IMG_4189_zps2cd94d99.jpg
The Lumineers were awesome, but they played all our favorite songs within 5min,
we were so confused!
I like that they surprised everyone and played "Ho Hey" like 3rd, but I thought they would save something fun for the end, they didn't really lol
 photo IMG_4207_zps07da1e73.jpg  photo IMG_4205_zps51dc5c05.jpg
we ran into Alida and Stephen at the end of the show!
 photo IMG_4215_zps77e2b441.jpg
and continued our fun night at Baker Street Pub.
 photo IMG_4224_zps85ec6444.jpg
such a fun night-it was just one of those that everything came together perfect & it helped that it was with some of my very favorite people.


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