Friday, January 31, 2014

who is she?! pt. 3

pt. 3!

Hey, hey! 
Happy Friiiiiiiday.

This week I am introducing the fabulous Chelsey!

I have known her since 1st grade. 
we literally go waaaaaay back.

She is lots of fun, but also very smart & works very hard.

Meet Chelsey:

-What is she wearing?
Lately you can find me in pretty much the same outfit every day! I've been wearing Not Your Daughters Jeans Leggins (don't judge me please! They're so comfy/flattering and worth every penny!), a loose top, oversized boyfriend cardigan, and either over the knee equestrian boots or combat boots!
-What is she listening to? 
Uhh I can NOT stop jamming Tesselate by Ellie Goulding! 

*(oh my. love love love me some Ellie!!)
-Where is she going? 
I'm going to Babies R Us today because my friend is having her baby shower tomorrow!
-What is she reading? 
Currently 3 books, depending on my mood! Eat, Pray, Love (for like the 50th time!), The Buddha Walks Into A Bar (hilarious…thanks Blair Foster!), and The illustrated Encyclopedia of Buddhist Wisdom. It's a great break down of all the different facets of Buddhism if that's something you're interested in!
-What is she working on?
I'm working on house hunting with my husband! And it's a lot more work than either of us thought!
-What is her favorite part of the day? 
Taking off my bra, meditating, kissing my husband, and seeing our cat and guinea pig. And in that exact order! Haha!

-What is she eating? 
I could lie here and say carrots. But I just ate a Dunkin Donut…

*(amen girrrl!)
-What is she drinking?
Dunkin Donut coffee for the first time! It was pretty delish!
-What is she loving? 
I am LOVING the new GIANT vanity we just built in our room. It's as big as a desk and I feel like I have so much storage and space to get pretty every day! And it's in a zen color scheme and has buddhas and bamboo sitting on it. It's definitely my "me" space.

-What is she watching? 
All week I've just been watching Girls over and over…and over. It's basically my favorite thing ever at the moment.
-What is her favorite quote? 

Thanks for participating Chelsey!


Hope you all have a crazy good weekend & eat all the fun football food you can handle! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Happy Thursday!

the day before Friday & the day that gives everyone an excuse to show some real old pictures.

I got some confessions:

I confess: 

my hands and arms are still that chubby, some things we cannot grow out of.

awwwww. lol 


I confess:
my dodge ball team made it to the FINALS, AGAIN.

and lost... to the SAME team that we once beat in the finals.
they are so frat-tastic it is unreal.

they may be good looking,
and they may be better at dodge ball,

but my team wins at life.

(yeah I lost my cool red tank top...) 


I confess:
I spent my "snow" day re watching some of Drake on SNL.


I confess:

every time I start working out, I eat 10X worse than when I wasn't working out.
I am pretty sure they cancel out & so I should just not workout lol 

these cake balls were worth it. 


I confess:

a shameless plug for PLT.

(Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble) 

you can also vote for all of your other fav things, or just skip those and pick PLT!

thank you in advance!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


it is pretty ridiculous how many times I have already forgotten what day of the week it is.
weekends and "snow" days have got me all confused.

but what better day to do a weekend recap than Wednesday?!


Friday was a weird day bc all the schools were canceled, I ended up opening PLT a little late and we were actually pretty busy all day bc everyone was off work/school.

I hit up the Rockets game that night & got to see my boy Chandler set a record.
10 3s in the second half!

but we still pulled off that loss.


Saturday was a little country.
not usually my thing, but I had a rodeo committee event and a birthday party.

so I put on my boots and had a really good time.

I was cracking up that my Whataburger bag said "willpower" on it.
yep, none. not one ounce of willpower.

ate. that. cheeseburger. 


Sunday was the most beautiful day of all the days.

church was lovely and then me and my awesome lady friends went to brunch.

I can't believe I can literally walk to brunch on the lake from my apartment.
I need to do it more often. it was the BEST.

me & britt even got a nice little jog in later that day.

Blair and I watched the Pro Bowl & the Grammys & we still cannot decide why they don't ask us who should win?!

we wouldn't be partial to Drake at all.

(I will not take this time to vent and complain about Macklemore winning "rap album" of the year & "rap" song of the year. bc he sings pop music. but it's whatever. his admission to Kendrick was pretty funny.)

poor Kendrick...

 but hey I'm still listening to him & not Macklemore.
so there is that!

Friday, January 24, 2014

who is she?! pt.2

it is Friiiiiiday, so that means:

part 2!
(and you don't have to hear all about me)

This week's "Who Is She?!" is my dear friend Samina
(I call her Selena & she calls me Nakoma)

She is such a great person and we get along so well bc we are just basically 
open books and we love food.
 so we have wonderfully entertaining/deep thought dinners.

so thankful for her friendship!


What is she wearing?
Skinny striped pants, combat boots, a button down and cardigan.
I have been on an oldies binge.

What is she listening to?
The Supremes, Otis Redding, and The Four Tops are constantly playing on my ipod or in my head.

What is she reading?
I am a few years late, but I'm reading Freedom by Johnathan Franzen. 
So far it's incredibly depressing, but so real.

What is she eating/drinking?

Cucumbers covered in chili and lime 
and a cup of Lipton tea with three spoons of sugar for brekky.

ps. she is highly obsessed with Taco Bell & these baja blast things:

one time I was having a rough day & she brought me one lol
love language = food!

What is she watching?
Loving Aziz Ansari's Buried Alive.Watched it 4 times. I am OBSESSED with the British Skins on Netflix. The plot twists are something else. A boy was just killed by a psychotic psychiatrist, because he(the psychiatrist) was trying to steal his girlfriend. Seriously, watch it.


and that is Samina!

stay warm & cozy friends and enjoy your weekend. 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

too much fun.

since I have been blogging more, I just assumed that I had obviously gotten some pictures of some weekend fun.

looking through my phone was kind of funny...

here are the "awesome" pictures I have taken since Friday:

1. cute outfit from PLT, of course! 

2. Trevor eats the icing with his father-in-laws face on it for the retirement party...

3 & 4. my baby grill is awesome & I finally got around to using it.

5. girls take selfies while they grill.

6. I pretend like the Steelers are playing in the playoffs.

7. I thought taking this "princess quiz" was just fun, then they happened to get it all right on.
(my friends ARE totally fierce!) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

who is she?! pt.1

 so the other day at work someone called from District Magazine (a publication out of Houston) and she asked to interview me for a small story about women in the Houston area.

sounds like an amazing thing, right?! 
(except she didn't get a picture or anything, it is probably like a side panel story)

either way it got me thinking.

People are more intrigued with our lives than we think.
I feel like I am pretty "normal" and practical so I felt really silly answering the questions, but they were in such a fun format that I thought I should do what all creative people do- 
steal someone else's idea! :) 

so I am planning on introducing a fun person in my life every Friday for a fun thing called:

I am going to go ahead and take over this first Friday for ya (so she is obviously ME)
 and answer some of the questions I was asked, plus a few more:


(and these aren't literally what is going on at.this.very.second.)

What is she wearing?

She is wearing a black blazer, dark skinny jeans, and far too many bracelets.
maybe glasses if she is feeling artsy (or driving at night)

What is she listening to?

Ellie Goulding Radio on Pandora (got that concert coming up in March!)

also, Beyonce's XO is on repeat,
 Lorde's Pure Heroine album,
and the new rap station 93.7 while driving.

Where is she going?

everywhere. literally.
but most excitingly, VEGAS in February for Magic Market & a fun girl's trip.

and lots of weddings this spring.

What is she reading?

Live 10 by Terry A.Smith,
the Verse of the Day every morning,
and quotes on Pinterest.

What is she working on?

adding more pieces to the online store,
the desire to want to workout,
making the bed every morning,
& being a good friend.

What is her favorite part of the day?

in the morning, that chill time before the day starts,
catching up on dumb shows and browsing the internet.
(unless I have something really fun planned for that night)

What is she eating?

lately lots of cheeses with wine,
(I've been obsessed with cheese lately lol)
My Fit Foods for lunch,
and fried pickle spears with ranch, please!

What is she drinking?

water water water (with Crystal Light drops),
Michelob Ultra with a lime,
or a Large Unsweet Tea from Chick fil A,
and wine :)

What is she loving?

time with friends,
the current Houston weather (not too cold, not too hot),
black flats,
& fresh flowers.
(that I bought myself just bc they were pretty)

What is she watching?

Courtney Loves Dallas
(bc Courtney & I are supposed to be friends IRL),
Sport's Center,
& football for a couple more weeks... 


Have a great weekend !!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


so people often tell me they like my blog bc there are lots of pictures and not a lot of words.

...I mean I really hang out with the intelligent crowd lol

anyway let's change things up a little bit and do lots of words today.
(they are in picture form, so maybe it will help those of you who don't really read much out.)

sometimes I am an emotional girl.  eeek.
maybe it is all the Mumford that has been playing on Pandora today or something lol
 but here are a few of my very favorite reads:

okay if that evoked too much emotion:

have a great Wednesday guys! 

Friday, January 10, 2014


getting 2013 out of here!

I spent NYE with some of my very favorite people.
there is just a comfort level that you cannot explain with them.

-random rant: I feel like sometimes people feel like we haven't "stepped out of the box" or met new people bc we are still close friends, false! I have done both & met amazing people of all different life paths. I still choose to be these peoples friend too. I choose every time I call or text or make plans with them.  we are not friends of convenience, we do have to work at this thing to make it last so long.  (I mean Jessica even face timed us at midnight bc we could't be together) so even though sometimes it seems like we are just this group of friends and life is so easy, we all have different relationships, jobs, cities where we live and we have to put in time in our friendships, just like any relationship!-

back to the sparkly dresses:

I so wanted to wear pjs to the party, but it is the one day you can totally get away with wearing sparkles, so we did that!

holly, blair, & I are reppin' that PLT

champs for everyyyyyone

the aggies did some weird ritual dance...

but really that was a great game!

so here we gooooo 2014!