Friday, January 10, 2014


getting 2013 out of here!

I spent NYE with some of my very favorite people.
there is just a comfort level that you cannot explain with them.

-random rant: I feel like sometimes people feel like we haven't "stepped out of the box" or met new people bc we are still close friends, false! I have done both & met amazing people of all different life paths. I still choose to be these peoples friend too. I choose every time I call or text or make plans with them.  we are not friends of convenience, we do have to work at this thing to make it last so long.  (I mean Jessica even face timed us at midnight bc we could't be together) so even though sometimes it seems like we are just this group of friends and life is so easy, we all have different relationships, jobs, cities where we live and we have to put in time in our friendships, just like any relationship!-

back to the sparkly dresses:

I so wanted to wear pjs to the party, but it is the one day you can totally get away with wearing sparkles, so we did that!

holly, blair, & I are reppin' that PLT

champs for everyyyyyone

the aggies did some weird ritual dance...

but really that was a great game!

so here we gooooo 2014!

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