Thursday, January 30, 2014


Happy Thursday!

the day before Friday & the day that gives everyone an excuse to show some real old pictures.

I got some confessions:

I confess: 

my hands and arms are still that chubby, some things we cannot grow out of.

awwwww. lol 


I confess:
my dodge ball team made it to the FINALS, AGAIN.

and lost... to the SAME team that we once beat in the finals.
they are so frat-tastic it is unreal.

they may be good looking,
and they may be better at dodge ball,

but my team wins at life.

(yeah I lost my cool red tank top...) 


I confess:
I spent my "snow" day re watching some of Drake on SNL.


I confess:

every time I start working out, I eat 10X worse than when I wasn't working out.
I am pretty sure they cancel out & so I should just not workout lol 

these cake balls were worth it. 


I confess:

a shameless plug for PLT.

(Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble) 

you can also vote for all of your other fav things, or just skip those and pick PLT!

thank you in advance!


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