Friday, June 27, 2014

those things.

I worry.

I worry a lot.


(okay maybe I do.)

I like to think I am a pretty relaxed person, most of the time.

but I will throw myself out there and say I worry.

we all do.

but what are the things that keep me up the most?

oh, just those things 
but things that maybe, if I try really hard I can.

-I worry that I will love my kids more than my husband,
 bc he will be able to take care of himself & so I will push him to the back burner. 

-I worry that my parents will leave me too soon.
When is too soon? Well of course any time that I am still here. bc I want them here  for every.single.thing. and there will never not be a milestone that I want to do without them.

-Even worse. One parent leaving me and the other too soon. 

-That my best friends will move across the country (or to another country) 
& those random days together will be less and less.

-That someone will fall out of love with me, bc I am difficult & a perfectionist.

-That I won't have a job one day.
bc I worked for myself for years & my resume will still look similar to when I was 21.
babysitting is credible, no?

-That my kid will be special needs and I will love them,
but the world will be cruel.

-That cancer will win.

-That my friends won't be able to have children.

-When that first person breaks my kid's heart.

so I have my health, my parents, my best friends, love, a job, a place to live, and a lot of other really amazing things.

so today I will not solve the whole world and figure out God's plans.

I will relax and know that bad things are inevitable... but it will be okay!

-Jeremiah 29:11- 

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