Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I am 25.

which means I am in the age group of friends getting married...

let's be real for a second,
wedding season is a lot more fun than graduations, baby showers, and funerals.

and while I do look forward to my friends all having babies, weddings are the very best!


a couple of weekends ago we went to ATX for Tess & JR's Wedding.

such a good time. the ceremony was sweet, the reception was long and fun filled, and the after party was on 6th street.

this would be the only picture I got with the bride...


Tess & JR,
Thank you for letting me celebrate with y'all!
The ceremony was the sweetest & I don't think there was a dry eye.
and the reception was just a really big, fun dance party!
Lots of love in the room

Wish you all the best!


If you want to be a real creeper:


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