Thursday, June 12, 2014

summa time

It is summer time!!

It doesn't feel much different really, but anytime that cut off denim shorts and messy hair are more acceptable, is okay with me.

I also seem to have a slight obsession with patios/drinks/snacks & spending time outside.
which is lovely... until you have to put a bathing suit on. ugh.





I think 30 min at the pool a day would make me the happiest person ever.
(except when 8+ kids are playing "Marco/Polo"... they scream like they are being attacked and I can't help but worry about them haha)

 I started OITNB this past weekend 
(along with 43878349803421980354 other people)

I made orange/black(chocolate) cupcakes for the celebration... I am 4 episodes in and trying to make it last a little longer than I really want to. Although I am looking forward to the finale!


So here starts the summer of a 25 year old

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