Saturday, December 28, 2013


so it is one of those weird weeks.

it always is a little bit weird when the holidays are over. we build it up so much and then within days it is over.  

it is even more strange this year.
I am at a place in life that I never saw myself in.
this isn't bad though, I have grown and changed in so many ways.
and for that I can only be thankful.

but it is a reflective week for me more than ever.
Christmas has come and gone and here I am,
the eve of my 25th birthday and days away from the start of 2014.

on one hand I feel super reflective. 
what have I done in my 25 years, who have I touched, what mistakes have I made, did I forgive myself and others, what have I learned/accomplished?

and on the other hand it is all the ideas of what is to come in the next year and the next 25 years.
what kind of  person will I be in a relationship with, what will my kids be like, what career will I have, what kinds of people will come in and out of my life and change it, who will I impact, and what will I learn/accomplish? 

but the truth is we focus way too much on the past and the future.

this year has been LIFE CHANGING. and I could sit and relive failed relationships, things I didn't do, great moments, travels, friendships and experiences. 

I could sit and build up anxiety about what is next and where I am supposed to be.


I could just stop. live. and be in the present. bc I have realized in talking with so many different people in all walks of life that we will always reflect on our past and we will always be a little nervous about the future.  I understand I cannot make that stop, but I will choose to try and just live day by day and be vulnerable. 

So Happy Birthday Eve to me
Happy New Years to YOU! 

 photo 188c8f2d460df76f1742da8a79a04387.jpg

 photo 72a431ec7155d4cbcc016db7431d5734.jpg

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

what I learned friday night.

Friday night I learned a valuable lesson.

I figured I should share the genius discovery:

1 bottle of wine = 3 small ozarka bottles.

 photo IMG_0108.jpg

so whether you are going to the movies, a graduation, sporting event, etc. 
3 ozarka bottles will cover ya!

oh and Vince Vaughn has still got it.

 photo 3d7ae37c67d9b35e9ce84c6294dd4a5f.jpg

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I got onto Blogger and realized I haven't blogged since 10/30.
sheesh. I have missed it for sure, but it has been busy to say the least.

I love busy, not complaining! 

(but I wouldn't mind sitting on my couch for 3 days.)

I wasn't really sure where to pick up on blogger, what I should share, what I probably shouldn't, etc.  so I will just share something magical...

My Trip to Disney World

(ps. it is Walt Disney's birthday, so it is a pretty perfect day to share)

 photo IMG_9648.jpg
the castle never really loses its magic.  pretty awesome!

Day 1- Animal Kingdom

I was a nerd and bought something "Disney" to wear every day.

 photo IMG_9474.jpg
Minnie sweater: Target


Day 2- Epcot

visiting the countries is my favorite.  we tried beers/snacks from all the countries. love it!

 photo IMG_9566.jpg 

we were "that group" on our 2nd day.  I got us all matching Minnie tanks from F21.
We looked pretty cute though.

 photo IMG_9593.jpg  photo IMG_9594.jpg


Day 3- Magic Kingdom

(I promise I can jump better than that haha)
 photo IMG_9684.jpg

this really happened...
I do not know this girl...
but her way of thinking is amazing lol

 photo IMG_9677.jpg

but the more I got to thinking about that, it really is strange.  we both happened to be at Disney (she was from Louisiana), we happened to be at the same park, and we happened to be wearing the same thing, and we happened to even run into each other 4 times! lol


Day 4- Hollywood Studios (my fav)

they do this wonderful Christmas lighting during the holidays there.
it is amazing!! so glad I got to see it! 

 photo IMG_9762.jpg


Day 5 was spent at the house we rented celebrating Thanksgiving by eating a lot & watching football.  (we don't need to discuss the Steelers losing by 2 or the fine that Tomlin is getting hit with) ...

Day 6 I left to come home  & work Black Friday @ PLT while the group stayed and enjoyed another day. It was a great trip!


I am seriously thankful for so much right now.
Sometimes I catch myself getting nervous bc I know life is all about highs and lows and I know it will not always feel this wonderful, but I can't think like that, so I will enjoy the moment & this wonderful season!

Have a great day and stay warm! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

i confess.

Confessions... they are good for the soul.

I think.

Either way here we gooooo....
(if you are feeling judgmental, go read another blog.) 


I confess: I was too lazy to carve pumpkins this year, so I painted them.  
 They are cute, but I def didn't put too much effort into them.

Confession #2: I still haven't vacuumed the glitter off my apartment floor.  
At least it is concrete. 

 photo IMG_8819.jpg

I confess: I already made a Christmas list with very practical things like a blow dryer, cute measuring cups, and a skillet.  This water resistant wireless speaker also made the list!

 photo IMG_8642.jpg

I confess: After market last weekend, my mother and I ate a wonderful dinner at a fancy sports bar and caught up on college football and the world series.  The confession... that drink was TOO strong and I barely touched it. (getting old) 

 photo IMG_8738.jpg

I confess: I bought a crock pot... but at least it is ridiculously cool.
I made gumbo & it was delicious. (and easyyyy)

 photo IMG_8775.jpg

I confess: The UPS truck makes my day!!  My UPS leaves this many boxes every other day & after seeing him nearly every day, I have finally gotten him to joke with me and not be so uptight. lol 

 photo IMG_8799.jpg

I confess: I have been taking selfies.
HELP! lol 

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

I confess: Bucees won me and my temptation over...
Is it bad to love a cliche convenience store so much?! 

 photo IMG_8754.jpg

I confess: I have been drinking coffee 2-3/week.!

I partially blame my allergies for making me feel like a zombie, but I don't want to become the caffeine addicted adult.  I guess is could be worse. 
 photo IMG_8721.jpg

I confess: I participated in the eating of this:

 photo IMG_8771.jpg

I confess: I used all these pictures that I have already posted on Instagram/Facebook. 
so if you stalk me, this is old news.
I'll do better!
 photo IMG_8803.jpg

Girls Dinner Tonight!

eeeeeek! So excited to see some of my very favorite people in the world. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

101 Things Every 20-Something Realizes In Their 20s

I kind of love being a "20 something"... there is so much we have done, so much we have left to do, and I feel like acceptance comes easier in our 20s.  There are also TONS of articles written about us... my fb friend shared this one the other day, I like it. Def lot of truth in there.
 Check it out:

(ps. the bold ones are my personal fav)

Your 20s are an age where you settle in and get comfortable with who you really are. It's a decade of exploration, self-actualization, and growth.
Since lists about being in your 20s is the Internet's No. 1 pastime, I've created a list of 101 absolutely true things every 20-something realizes while riding the boat through the best decade ( date) of their life.
1. Confidence is not cockiness.
2. Self-reflection is a sign of maturity. 
3. Waking up early is important if you want to be a functional member of society.
4. ... But sleeping in on weekends is precious.
5. Although you don’t see each other nearly as much as you’d like to, friends from back in the day are still pretty important.
6. Discretion is the better part of valor… Especially in Tweets, Facebook updates, and text messages.
7. Your SAT score didn’t determine your destiny. You did.
8. Your grade in that college class didn’t matter.
9. There’s something you probably suck at.
10. Anyone who passes judgement about your choice of college or college major is being a prick.
11. Plan B is usually Plan A.
12. Opinions are like assholes: Everyone has them, but that doesn't mean they're good or you have to follow them.
13. Dreams are great, but there’s no need for you to become a douchebag in pursuit of them.
14. Booze is awesome.
15. ...But its power deserves to be respected, if not feared.
16. Even Frank Sinatra had regrets and he did it his way. Regrets imply self-awareness.
17. Anyone who claims they’re in “the friendzone” or genuinely cares about “getting out of the friendzone” has a lot of maturing to do.
18. Judging people for personal choices like getting married, having babies, or career changes is really stupid. Live your own damn life.
19. Instagram is a lot better when you use it to take pictures of people, not things.
20. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) really isn’t important to your personal life. In fact, it only really applies to critically acclaimed mass cultural events such as can’t-miss epic TV shows that must be binge-watched in one sitting.
21. Enough sleep + hydration + food = The Ultimate Hangover Cure.
22. The music your parents listened to is kind of awesome. 
23. Padding your resume is never a good idea.
24. If you don’t have to do it every day, dressing up in a nice suit and tie feels great.
25. Spending money on the things that separate you from the ground is worth the investment: Shoes, tires, bed, etc…
26. The most important things you’ll ever learn will come from people with different points of view than your own.
27. Intelligence is not a dick measuring contest.
28. “Personal Brand” is a bullshit buzzword made up by PR flacks and social media marketing professionals who stare at Facebook/Twitter all day. Just be yourself.
29. Who you were in high school? Hahahahahahahahahahaha.
30. There is ALWAYS an appropriate time to leave a social situation.
31. Compliments go a long way, as does constructive criticism. 
32. ... But remember, some people don’t listen to criticism.
33. ... And sometimes it's OK to not accept criticism.
34. Your favorite sports teams are inherited, not chosen.
35. Quoting lines from movies with other people is the ultimate social currency.
36. Discussions revolving around musical tastes are the most subjective thing in the world.
37. There’s nothing wrong with staying out until after 3 a.m. every now and then.
38. Careers can be stressful.
39. ... And rewarding.
40. Relationships can be stressful.
41. ... And ultimately the most rewarding.
42. A $1 slice of pizza only tastes good in college, doused in ranch dressing. $2.50 for a slice is normal, not a splurge.
43. If you’re on the fence, going out is usually worth it vs. staying in.
44. ... But there's nothing wrong with staying in.
45. It’s very easy to avoid shallow people.
46. Very few people are actually “influncers.”
47. The end of college is not the end of the world, nor the end of fun.
48. Vote in local elections. A wise man once said “Politics is the art of controlling your environment.” In America, your vote at the community level for a school board member/county commissioner/sheriff/mayor matters. Otherwise, don’t complain.
49. The music you listened to in high school was actually pretty awesome.
50. Channeling anger into physical exercise or creativity is the most productive and proactive way to blow off steam.
51. Connecting with old friends, teachers, and acquaintances over social media pays off.
52. There are many ways to #YOLO without calling it #YOLO.
53. Jealousy is a weak, fleeting emotion. If you’re not transforming jealousy into empowerment almost instantaneously, you’re just being petty.
54. Not dancing is pretty lame, no matter how bad your moves are.
55. Have a mentor and be a mentor, because teaching someone something feels great.
56. Caring about college too much after graduating makes you look like a Peter Pan. Time to grow up. :)
57. The ability to negotiate is a valuable skill.
58. Paying for Netflix > BitTorrent
59. "Too old for this shit" is an excuse.
60. Weddings will drain your bank account and eat up your weekends, but when you’re there reconnecting with old friends, they're worth every penny.
61. Disgusting bathrooms are the ultimate mood-killer. (fo real)
62. Never pass up an open bar, but don’t underestimate its potency.
63. No one is the voice of a generation.
64. No matter how flashy and new your device is, you’ll never get the full experience from a glowing LED screen.
65. Grad school is not an excuse to delay the inevitable.
66. You feel a lot better about yourself if you eat at least one green food a day.
67. Older generations will always pass judgement about younger generations.
68. Stop talking about traveling and just f***ing do it already.
69. A walk is the best way to cool off.
70. Alone time should be cherished.
71. Money says nothing about your character.
72. Collecting experiences is more valuable than collecting things.
73. There’s no point in putting your time and energy into activities you get no enjoyment out of, especially in your free time.
74. Everybody gets laid. Although vaguely interesting, your hook-up stories are not that special.
75. Listen.
76. Empathize.
77. The things you enjoy are not your lifestyle.
78. Gossip is stupid.
79. Talk to strangers on public transportation (planes, trains, buses, etc).
80. Genuinely thanking people is pretty important.
81. Confusion is usually the result of not asking enough questions.
82. Apathy is a disease that's best cured by giving a shit about something.
83. Vacation days are a luxury meant to be used.
84. If you've ever experienced what it's like to not have health insurance, having health insurance is great.
85. Nothing in the media is worth getting angry over.
86. There is other content on the Internet worth sharing on Facebook than lists with GIFs. 
87. Sometimes a hotel room with a clean bed and a hot shower is a lot more comfortable than pitching a tent in a muddy field.
88. The financial responsibilities that come with being a functioning, independent adult must be taken seriously.
89. Surfing eBay after a night at the bar is a horrible idea.
90. Routine isn't a bad thing.
91. All-you-can-eat sushi sucks. (hahaha)
92. Nothing tastes better than a beer bought by a friend.
93. Nothing feels better than buying drinks for a friend.
94. Flaking on commitments makes you a flake. (amen!)
95. The best results always come from being straightforward. 
96. There are varying degrees to how one reacts to a mistake.
97. What you are isn't who you are.
98. Your generation is not special.
99. There’s never an excuse to be bored.  (!!!)
100. A little humility goes a long way.
101. Do your best. Everyone else is winging it too. That’s okay.

ohhhh. good stuff, huh?
Pay it forward & have a good weekend! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

things that make ya smile.

These pictures have no relation, except for the fact that they make me smile a little bit.

and what else does the world need more of than to just smile a little...
so here ya go!

Things that make me smile:

you can totally judge me for this, but sometimes when I ask Siri a question, I keep asking her questions (things you do when you live alone lol)

so the other day I was asking her the weather in Dallas for this weekend and then I got curious and asked her where she lives... goodness she makes me laugh! Thanks for that siri: 

 photo IMG_8650_zpse45d61ce.png

"But... but..." but what Siri?!?! lol 


My friend Jessica brought me Pappasitos for Boss' Day:
and if that doesn't make you smile, than what really does?!

 photo IMG_8492_zpscb63fad6.jpg


This awesome sign at Personalize It in Kingwood:
love it, shop local friends!

 photo IMG_8315_zps79ca24d4.jpg


Liana is the best English teacher in all the world & she got school pictures made, 
so like any normal person, she shared them with her friends:

taking it back to elementary days 
 photo IMG_8517_zpsfc9a326c.jpg
It is still in my wallet, love it! lol 

okay he didn't really make me smile, but check out this guy chilling by my apartment:

 photo IMG_8640_zpsf20db80a.jpg
now that I shared that, I feel validated for taking that picture lol 


the Texans and Steelers in the REDZONE
and just the RedZone Channel in general is amazing enough to make you smile:

 photo IMG_8635_zps5f250bc3.jpg


Looking like George Washington while getting your hair done & getting some darker hair for fall

 photo IMG_8409_zps91bec0f8.jpg  photo IMG_8457_zps9ada0ff3.jpg


Awesome visitors to PLT!!

Meet Krizia: she was my first pal when we moved to Crosby in 1st grade :)

 photo IMG_8242_zps7598ea83.jpg


This sign we got at PLT makes me smile bc it makes me think of my little sister.
I want every young girl to feel this & know this:

 photo IMG_8520_zps71b40a4c.jpg


Peace out! 

 photo IMG_8525_zps472166b4.jpg

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey Hey!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! 
Mine was crazy to say the least.  I literally felt EVERY.SINGLE.EMOTION. ever and the most random things seemed to happen, but all in all it was lovely!


I am a horrible secret keeper/liar, but for the past month+ I have had to be, while we planned 
Blair's Surprise 25th Birthday Outing!

We tried to act like we had nothing planned and that we were all just busy.
(she even came to see me at work Saturday and I lied and said I was closing)...

but secretly we had planned a fun little outing with her fav ladies :) 

 photo IMG_8545_zps7f2e2388.jpg

We picked her up from her sisters house in a limo, blaring/"blairing" 
Started from the Bottom!

hence the #

We headed out to Maggiano's for a delicious dinner.

Cheers to fun ladies, birthdays, and a good surprise:
 photo IMG_8550_zpsc6b58bb3.jpg

and then out to lots of fun places,
dancing/singing the whole limo ride there.

 photo IMG_8561_zps08b62a8f.jpg  photo IMG_8594_zps5f1388ca.jpg

mechanical bull action:

 photo IMG_8573_zpse672b3e1.jpg  photo IMG_8569_zps9d429aea.jpg

yeah, don't know the lady on the left...
 photo IMG_8587_zps3a60eac5.jpg

 photo IMG_8590_zpsd6060e1e.jpg

 photo IMG_8601_zpsc186a82b.jpg

 photo IMG_8605_zps6992eddb.jpg

 photo IMG_8541_zpseba77b29.jpg

Blair turned 25 yesterday & I hope she felt super loved bc we all think she is a solid,
 one of a kind pal!

 photo IMG_8552_zps870785d3.jpg

Blur, you the best! Thanks for being the most supportive/up-for-anything friend I could have!

ps. Happy Birthday to Brittni Bell-DeMilia as well :) 
It is insane the amount of birthdays in October! 


Have a great Tuesday!  

Friday, October 18, 2013


So I haven't had any big projects going on in the pass few weeks...

logically that tiny bit of freedom has made me want to completely redesign my apartment and boutique.  It sometimes really is a curse to be creative bc I never truly feel "done" with anything, or I want to always redesign it.  (ex: Christmas decor- I want a new "theme" every year)

 I want to give it a new look, I change my mind constantly about design.  
Luckily I am in the fashion industry and that is our core... change and seasons!   

Sadly, projects = money & time.  Not to mention I am lazy and a perfectionist, 
the combo is quite awful for projects.

this made me realize I never "formally" introduced the apartment:

I LOVE it, and it isn't that I necessarily want to change it, I just have a lot I want to add to it.
(Christmas decorations are going to make me the happiest girl in the world!!!) 

from the front door:
 photo IMG_6959.jpg
(still need bar stools)

from the living room:
 photo IMG_6963.jpg
(I will prob mount the tv onto the brick wall & put some decor behind the couch)

from the kitchen:
 photo IMG_6965.jpg
( I have recently changed the light covers over the bar to more modern ones)

I want a large mirror above the table:
 photo IMG_6967.jpg

(still needs curtains)
 photo IMG_6968.jpg

gallery wall in the dining room:

 photo IMG_8239.jpg

Ginger approves:)
 photo IMG_7816.jpg

Most of the furniture is from Ikea, Target, or Home Goods.  I spent plenty of $, but didn't want to get too much "grown up" furniture bc most likely this stuff won't go with my next house, etc.  I tried to get some solid pieces though that can be used in a guest bedroom at my next place (ex: bed, tv, side tables) and didn't spend too much so that if I do change my mind, I won't be too attached to it or still paying on it.  

some things that I NEED:

That sparkle pillow & that patio:
 photo 032c024945b802b8a90b38c7e0b9757c.jpg  photo be8f94fa3c9e8c3d11dd378d093ab0ce.jpg

this chandelier is so fun:
 photo 6b0a689c26dd0bacf992e1269f2a3121.jpg


anyway, that is that! Do y'all get obsessive redesign fever?!

I can't imagine how Blair works with the new design stuff and creates spaces for people and then doesn't want to change her space 24/7!

Have a great weekend! 
I will be working & watching football lol

 photo 34d01bebf1088f7e78348682ecf5e3ed.jpg