Friday, October 18, 2013


So I haven't had any big projects going on in the pass few weeks...

logically that tiny bit of freedom has made me want to completely redesign my apartment and boutique.  It sometimes really is a curse to be creative bc I never truly feel "done" with anything, or I want to always redesign it.  (ex: Christmas decor- I want a new "theme" every year)

 I want to give it a new look, I change my mind constantly about design.  
Luckily I am in the fashion industry and that is our core... change and seasons!   

Sadly, projects = money & time.  Not to mention I am lazy and a perfectionist, 
the combo is quite awful for projects.

this made me realize I never "formally" introduced the apartment:

I LOVE it, and it isn't that I necessarily want to change it, I just have a lot I want to add to it.
(Christmas decorations are going to make me the happiest girl in the world!!!) 

from the front door:
 photo IMG_6959.jpg
(still need bar stools)

from the living room:
 photo IMG_6963.jpg
(I will prob mount the tv onto the brick wall & put some decor behind the couch)

from the kitchen:
 photo IMG_6965.jpg
( I have recently changed the light covers over the bar to more modern ones)

I want a large mirror above the table:
 photo IMG_6967.jpg

(still needs curtains)
 photo IMG_6968.jpg

gallery wall in the dining room:

 photo IMG_8239.jpg

Ginger approves:)
 photo IMG_7816.jpg

Most of the furniture is from Ikea, Target, or Home Goods.  I spent plenty of $, but didn't want to get too much "grown up" furniture bc most likely this stuff won't go with my next house, etc.  I tried to get some solid pieces though that can be used in a guest bedroom at my next place (ex: bed, tv, side tables) and didn't spend too much so that if I do change my mind, I won't be too attached to it or still paying on it.  

some things that I NEED:

That sparkle pillow & that patio:
 photo 032c024945b802b8a90b38c7e0b9757c.jpg  photo be8f94fa3c9e8c3d11dd378d093ab0ce.jpg

this chandelier is so fun:
 photo 6b0a689c26dd0bacf992e1269f2a3121.jpg


anyway, that is that! Do y'all get obsessive redesign fever?!

I can't imagine how Blair works with the new design stuff and creates spaces for people and then doesn't want to change her space 24/7!

Have a great weekend! 
I will be working & watching football lol

 photo 34d01bebf1088f7e78348682ecf5e3ed.jpg

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