Wednesday, October 9, 2013


First of all... I am overwhelmed daily by the crazy support of family, friends, and complete strangers. I have always said it is easier to be someones friend when they are down and out, it takes a special kind of person the be able to be happy for someone else.  So thank you. 
Thank you for being the kind of person that makes other people want to do better.

The article that The Observer did on PLT and my story was awesome, but I cannot help but feel like I wish my friends and family would get any and all recognition instead.

Seriously not trying to sound like a "oh no not I?!" person... but my friends/family are straight up bad asses.
and no, there is not other word for it. lol

whatever you do that you love or work really hard at, it deserves recognition.  whether your a grad student, a mother, an educator, a super swoll gym rat, an accountant, a nurse, a job that nobody is really sure of the exact title (lol)...whatever YOU are doing... bravo! because anything worth bragging about has cost you time, money, dedication and hard work.

-thanks for letting me get that out-

In other news, I have not caught this little blog up on some fun times I've had the past few weeks:

Blair and I finallllly got to see the rescheduled Mumford & Sons concert!
Such a good show, they sound perfect live. 

 photo IMG_7842.jpg


We celebrated Jessica's 25th birthday @ Grand Lux.
Love her & do not ever get to see her enough, so ready for her to finish law school 
(and I am pretty sure she is ready to finish too)

 photo IMG_7775.jpg  photo IMG_7769.jpg


Got to catch up with the "Dinner Club" ladies.
I am laughing now thinking about our ridiculous conversations. 

 photo IMG_7884.jpg


I got to see the The Neighbourhood & Imagine Dragons:

 photo IMG_8024.jpg

great show & great company!

 photo IMG_8030.jpg  photo IMG_8031.jpg


I drove out to Pearland to visit my sweet, married friends:

 photo IMG_8066.jpg

we always have a good time.
I mean prettier people always do right?!

 photo IMG_8075.jpg  photo IMG_8076.jpg

(that was joke. chill.)


I did something I rarely ever do, but have started to more lately... sit still.
oh it was nice! 

 photo IMG_8109.jpg  photo IMG_7931.jpg


This day happened: 

 photo IMG_7967.jpg


My mom and I went to the Texans Battle Red Ladies Football 101 Event, awesome! 

I know I am a nerd, but we go to run through the tunnel & I was SO excited.

 photo IMG_8149.jpg

 photo IMG_8146.jpg

 photo IMG_8142.jpg


Jamie, Blair, & I made fall wreaths while we watched football 

 photo IMG_8127.jpg

 photo IMG_8118.jpg

Ginger was not too impressed with the Texans ...
better than the Steelers, so I will just keep my mouth shut.

 photo IMG_8113.jpg


but how about them Pirates?!

They play tonight, we will see! 
 photo IMG_8160.jpg


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