Wednesday, October 30, 2013

i confess.

Confessions... they are good for the soul.

I think.

Either way here we gooooo....
(if you are feeling judgmental, go read another blog.) 


I confess: I was too lazy to carve pumpkins this year, so I painted them.  
 They are cute, but I def didn't put too much effort into them.

Confession #2: I still haven't vacuumed the glitter off my apartment floor.  
At least it is concrete. 

 photo IMG_8819.jpg

I confess: I already made a Christmas list with very practical things like a blow dryer, cute measuring cups, and a skillet.  This water resistant wireless speaker also made the list!

 photo IMG_8642.jpg

I confess: After market last weekend, my mother and I ate a wonderful dinner at a fancy sports bar and caught up on college football and the world series.  The confession... that drink was TOO strong and I barely touched it. (getting old) 

 photo IMG_8738.jpg

I confess: I bought a crock pot... but at least it is ridiculously cool.
I made gumbo & it was delicious. (and easyyyy)

 photo IMG_8775.jpg

I confess: The UPS truck makes my day!!  My UPS leaves this many boxes every other day & after seeing him nearly every day, I have finally gotten him to joke with me and not be so uptight. lol 

 photo IMG_8799.jpg

I confess: I have been taking selfies.
HELP! lol 

 photo IMG_8762.jpg

I confess: Bucees won me and my temptation over...
Is it bad to love a cliche convenience store so much?! 

 photo IMG_8754.jpg

I confess: I have been drinking coffee 2-3/week.!

I partially blame my allergies for making me feel like a zombie, but I don't want to become the caffeine addicted adult.  I guess is could be worse. 
 photo IMG_8721.jpg

I confess: I participated in the eating of this:

 photo IMG_8771.jpg

I confess: I used all these pictures that I have already posted on Instagram/Facebook. 
so if you stalk me, this is old news.
I'll do better!
 photo IMG_8803.jpg

Girls Dinner Tonight!

eeeeeek! So excited to see some of my very favorite people in the world. 

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