Thursday, December 5, 2013


I got onto Blogger and realized I haven't blogged since 10/30.
sheesh. I have missed it for sure, but it has been busy to say the least.

I love busy, not complaining! 

(but I wouldn't mind sitting on my couch for 3 days.)

I wasn't really sure where to pick up on blogger, what I should share, what I probably shouldn't, etc.  so I will just share something magical...

My Trip to Disney World

(ps. it is Walt Disney's birthday, so it is a pretty perfect day to share)

 photo IMG_9648.jpg
the castle never really loses its magic.  pretty awesome!

Day 1- Animal Kingdom

I was a nerd and bought something "Disney" to wear every day.

 photo IMG_9474.jpg
Minnie sweater: Target


Day 2- Epcot

visiting the countries is my favorite.  we tried beers/snacks from all the countries. love it!

 photo IMG_9566.jpg 

we were "that group" on our 2nd day.  I got us all matching Minnie tanks from F21.
We looked pretty cute though.

 photo IMG_9593.jpg  photo IMG_9594.jpg


Day 3- Magic Kingdom

(I promise I can jump better than that haha)
 photo IMG_9684.jpg

this really happened...
I do not know this girl...
but her way of thinking is amazing lol

 photo IMG_9677.jpg

but the more I got to thinking about that, it really is strange.  we both happened to be at Disney (she was from Louisiana), we happened to be at the same park, and we happened to be wearing the same thing, and we happened to even run into each other 4 times! lol


Day 4- Hollywood Studios (my fav)

they do this wonderful Christmas lighting during the holidays there.
it is amazing!! so glad I got to see it! 

 photo IMG_9762.jpg


Day 5 was spent at the house we rented celebrating Thanksgiving by eating a lot & watching football.  (we don't need to discuss the Steelers losing by 2 or the fine that Tomlin is getting hit with) ...

Day 6 I left to come home  & work Black Friday @ PLT while the group stayed and enjoyed another day. It was a great trip!


I am seriously thankful for so much right now.
Sometimes I catch myself getting nervous bc I know life is all about highs and lows and I know it will not always feel this wonderful, but I can't think like that, so I will enjoy the moment & this wonderful season!

Have a great day and stay warm! 


  1. It looks like ya'll had a blast! Your blog named changed?! When I click on your blog name now it says it doesn't exist. But, I can see that it does.