Thursday, July 19, 2012

a sappy day

Dear July, you sure did come and go way too fast.  Dear Chicago, I will see you next Thursday! Dear computer, thanks for totally just crashing and deleting ALL my inventory. No big deal, I really wanted to start ALL the way over. Dear Dane & Sadie, congrats on baby Tatum!  Dear Jenna & Adam, I had a good time at your wedding, so happy for you! Dear sleep, I miss you a lot. Dear recorded tv shows, I will get with you when I have a day with nothing to do. I miss you. Dear stress, I am beating you... I think, I haven't cried yet! Dear work, I cannot even put into words how bad I will miss all the people that I see every single day. Such a huge part of my life is changing after today. 

Yep, my last day @ TKS is today.  I have been working for my parents since I was 16 (summer camp and after school program).  I left for a year to wait tables, but ended up going back to have an awesome schedule.  I worked there through high school and all 4 years of college. It has been such a huge part of my life, but now it is time for my next chapter.  I am so so excited to move on, but of course there is a sappy part of me that will miss these people.  I will miss all the stories and all the families that have been such a blessing to me.

  okay, enough sappiness for one post!
goodness I love them all! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Happy Tuesday!!

This is about how I feel this week!

I have got a to-do list that keeps growing...and growing!
but I love the chaos : ]

The boutique is coming together so so fast:
 (This was it a few weeks ago)

Now it has paint, lights, electricity, water, and all that good stuff!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner Club: The Tasting Room

I love Dinner Club. There is something about ordering too much food and too many drinks that just makes my heart really happy : ] 

also the fun company... that is probably the best part!

This month we went to The Tasting Room in Kings Harbor.
(home of my new boutique!)

Since we were so close, we decided to meet @ Pretty Little Things Boutique for wine & cupcakes!

yes... I am aware how crappy my cell phone camera is.
I promise I am getting a new phone ASAP lol 
I got a new phone!!!
(and really only for the camera) 

loving all these amazing shirts

after some wine and talking we headed over to The Tasting Room.
so so good, I love fancy bar food...and wine!

we had hummus, truffle fries, pizzas, pickles, caprese salad, etc. 
we seriously ate the whole left side of the menu & it was perfect!

such a good time, thank you ladies for all the fun & support!
(meredith & karen are missing from the pics : [ ) 

Monday, July 9, 2012

food for thought

I love little reminders like these: 

Sometimes pinterest is more than pretty pictures.

Have a good week & be careful driving in this nasty H-town rain!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


What a weird Wednesday it is!
It feels like Saturday & Sunday all in one!
Def breaks up the work week though.

This Wednesday, I am loving:

-First off that Chris is not on the bachelorette anymore 
(he makes me uncomfortable and nervous)

-That my boutique is painted & the lights are up! and that we are meeting there for drinks before Dinner Club next week! 

-The amazing photo shoot I had with my friends last weekend @ the beach house.
Oh they make me so happy!

seriously, look at what we were missing out on before camera phones. 

-And most of all, I am loving that it is 4th of July and I am going to layout in the sun, drink, and eat until I can't anymore... bc that is what American holidays are all about! Hope y'all all have fun & be safe!

Monday, July 2, 2012

my friends are cooler than yours

Happy Monday Everyone!

What a weekend.
I have laughed and I have cried, 
it was one of those lol

I don't know if y'all still talk to friends from high school. Most people I know do not. I graduated 5 years ago and I still talk to my very best friends all the time. I don't know if it is bc we went to a smaller school or what, but there is something so nice about being around people you are 100% comfortable with. We know probably too much about each other, but it's awesome. I would seriously do anything for anyone of them. (sappy moment over)

(ignore the straw hat party going on... lol)

So anyway, every summer we usually do a little weekend trip.  We have done a couple years at the river, then that got super expensive (not to mention the drinking laws changed) and so the past few years we have gotten a beach house.  This year we were in luck bc Holly's grandparents just rebuilt their beach house from when the storm came a few years ago.


oh how much I love these people! thanks Holly for having us over!

also, don't judge. I was not feeling makeup or fixing my hair. None of that seems necessary at the beach house! 

love you guys!