Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner Club: The Tasting Room

I love Dinner Club. There is something about ordering too much food and too many drinks that just makes my heart really happy : ] 

also the fun company... that is probably the best part!

This month we went to The Tasting Room in Kings Harbor.
(home of my new boutique!)

Since we were so close, we decided to meet @ Pretty Little Things Boutique for wine & cupcakes!

yes... I am aware how crappy my cell phone camera is.
I promise I am getting a new phone ASAP lol 
I got a new phone!!!
(and really only for the camera) 

loving all these amazing shirts

after some wine and talking we headed over to The Tasting Room.
so so good, I love fancy bar food...and wine!

we had hummus, truffle fries, pizzas, pickles, caprese salad, etc. 
we seriously ate the whole left side of the menu & it was perfect!

such a good time, thank you ladies for all the fun & support!
(meredith & karen are missing from the pics : [ ) 

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