Wednesday, October 23, 2013

things that make ya smile.

These pictures have no relation, except for the fact that they make me smile a little bit.

and what else does the world need more of than to just smile a little...
so here ya go!

Things that make me smile:

you can totally judge me for this, but sometimes when I ask Siri a question, I keep asking her questions (things you do when you live alone lol)

so the other day I was asking her the weather in Dallas for this weekend and then I got curious and asked her where she lives... goodness she makes me laugh! Thanks for that siri: 

 photo IMG_8650_zpse45d61ce.png

"But... but..." but what Siri?!?! lol 


My friend Jessica brought me Pappasitos for Boss' Day:
and if that doesn't make you smile, than what really does?!

 photo IMG_8492_zpscb63fad6.jpg


This awesome sign at Personalize It in Kingwood:
love it, shop local friends!

 photo IMG_8315_zps79ca24d4.jpg


Liana is the best English teacher in all the world & she got school pictures made, 
so like any normal person, she shared them with her friends:

taking it back to elementary days 
 photo IMG_8517_zpsfc9a326c.jpg
It is still in my wallet, love it! lol 

okay he didn't really make me smile, but check out this guy chilling by my apartment:

 photo IMG_8640_zpsf20db80a.jpg
now that I shared that, I feel validated for taking that picture lol 


the Texans and Steelers in the REDZONE
and just the RedZone Channel in general is amazing enough to make you smile:

 photo IMG_8635_zps5f250bc3.jpg


Looking like George Washington while getting your hair done & getting some darker hair for fall

 photo IMG_8409_zps91bec0f8.jpg  photo IMG_8457_zps9ada0ff3.jpg


Awesome visitors to PLT!!

Meet Krizia: she was my first pal when we moved to Crosby in 1st grade :)

 photo IMG_8242_zps7598ea83.jpg


This sign we got at PLT makes me smile bc it makes me think of my little sister.
I want every young girl to feel this & know this:

 photo IMG_8520_zps71b40a4c.jpg


Peace out! 

 photo IMG_8525_zps472166b4.jpg

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