Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey Hey!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! 
Mine was crazy to say the least.  I literally felt EVERY.SINGLE.EMOTION. ever and the most random things seemed to happen, but all in all it was lovely!


I am a horrible secret keeper/liar, but for the past month+ I have had to be, while we planned 
Blair's Surprise 25th Birthday Outing!

We tried to act like we had nothing planned and that we were all just busy.
(she even came to see me at work Saturday and I lied and said I was closing)...

but secretly we had planned a fun little outing with her fav ladies :) 

 photo IMG_8545_zps7f2e2388.jpg

We picked her up from her sisters house in a limo, blaring/"blairing" 
Started from the Bottom!

hence the #

We headed out to Maggiano's for a delicious dinner.

Cheers to fun ladies, birthdays, and a good surprise:
 photo IMG_8550_zpsc6b58bb3.jpg

and then out to lots of fun places,
dancing/singing the whole limo ride there.

 photo IMG_8561_zps08b62a8f.jpg  photo IMG_8594_zps5f1388ca.jpg

mechanical bull action:

 photo IMG_8573_zpse672b3e1.jpg  photo IMG_8569_zps9d429aea.jpg

yeah, don't know the lady on the left...
 photo IMG_8587_zps3a60eac5.jpg

 photo IMG_8590_zpsd6060e1e.jpg

 photo IMG_8601_zpsc186a82b.jpg

 photo IMG_8605_zps6992eddb.jpg

 photo IMG_8541_zpseba77b29.jpg

Blair turned 25 yesterday & I hope she felt super loved bc we all think she is a solid,
 one of a kind pal!

 photo IMG_8552_zps870785d3.jpg

Blur, you the best! Thanks for being the most supportive/up-for-anything friend I could have!

ps. Happy Birthday to Brittni Bell-DeMilia as well :) 
It is insane the amount of birthdays in October! 


Have a great Tuesday!  

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