Friday, January 24, 2014

who is she?! pt.2

it is Friiiiiiday, so that means:

part 2!
(and you don't have to hear all about me)

This week's "Who Is She?!" is my dear friend Samina
(I call her Selena & she calls me Nakoma)

She is such a great person and we get along so well bc we are just basically 
open books and we love food.
 so we have wonderfully entertaining/deep thought dinners.

so thankful for her friendship!


What is she wearing?
Skinny striped pants, combat boots, a button down and cardigan.
I have been on an oldies binge.

What is she listening to?
The Supremes, Otis Redding, and The Four Tops are constantly playing on my ipod or in my head.

What is she reading?
I am a few years late, but I'm reading Freedom by Johnathan Franzen. 
So far it's incredibly depressing, but so real.

What is she eating/drinking?

Cucumbers covered in chili and lime 
and a cup of Lipton tea with three spoons of sugar for brekky.

ps. she is highly obsessed with Taco Bell & these baja blast things:

one time I was having a rough day & she brought me one lol
love language = food!

What is she watching?
Loving Aziz Ansari's Buried Alive.Watched it 4 times. I am OBSESSED with the British Skins on Netflix. The plot twists are something else. A boy was just killed by a psychotic psychiatrist, because he(the psychiatrist) was trying to steal his girlfriend. Seriously, watch it.


and that is Samina!

stay warm & cozy friends and enjoy your weekend. 


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