Tuesday, April 15, 2014


first things first,

to my wonderful dad 
and my sweet friend, Alida! 


it is def birthday season it seems, and this weekend we celebrated 
Liana turning 25 by heading down to Bourbon Street!

It was my first trip to NOLA,
and let's just say I learned a few things:

1. Drinks taste better when served out of fun containers.
hand grenades are delicious! 

2. it was "Blair's Big Easy Bachelorette" Weekend.

who knew?! Blair didn't, but people made shirts and everything. 

3. It is Bourbon Street... "This Ain't Sesame Street" 

4. Liana is pretty and I am a gangsta. 


5. We're just like you... only prettier. 

6. Bloody Marys are a new favorite of mine.

just another sign I am getting older...

7. NOLA is very pretty.
I heard a ton of mixed reviews, and yes it can get ugly at 3am, but overall it was really nice!
(minus the strip clubs lol)

8. Palace Cafe is great!

Liana's bf is a solid restaurant picker.


lots of fun was had for sure!

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