Tuesday, February 11, 2014


When I say that my life should be a reality show,
I truly am not being dramatic or self involved.

it is just unimaginable the things that have happened in the last year.
but even more so, the last 3 months alone would be tv worthy.

I mean, a bunch of shows have to script things together or make arrangements for something fun to happen... not here. nope, crazy follows me. (or I attract it)

and I try real hard to be boring. I do!

but this is my life & I will own it.
every insane piece of it.

the good, the bad, & the ugly. lol

without too much detail, here is my weekend:



an unexpected reunion.
chuy's happy hour.
an olympic ceremony party.
adults puking at said party.
 krizia turned 25!
-2 bottles of champs were sent to our table.
-taco bell at 3am

as crazy as it sounds, I will have you know it was actually a calm evening considering the circumstances. lol

and seeing Krizia, Jess, Derion, Chels,& Carlyle was great.
it is so fun growing up together!




I did end up opening at PLT and then running around all day until about 10pm.
but getting home and sitting on my couch was perfection.



reunions continued.
bloody mary bar.
we laughed so hard at brunch that we had people request to sit with us, but also had two separate tables ask to be moved away. (it is what it is)
coffee to keep us alive.
rap music.
crying at dinner.
patron shots.
dive bars.


I want to tell you that I will be the most boring person ever for the next few weeks,
except I leave this weekend for Vegas.

hellllllp me I'm tired!

(but seriously someone call Andy Cohen and get a camera crew.)

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