Tuesday, February 25, 2014

vegas. part 1


You can't say it without thinking of crazy stories, lots of fun, too much eating/drinking,
 and great memories.

this "work" trip was probably my fav.
(I go to vegas twice a year... join me?!)

I brought two of my fav pals & my mom joined in with four of her/our great friends.


Day 1:
Jamie, Blair, & I flew out a day before the other ladies...
bright & early Saturday morning!

you know it is going to be a great trip when it starts out with your fellow passengers 
"photo bombing" your airplane selfie at 10am.


in her defense she was very intoxicated, headed to vegas, and I started the jokes first.

(wait, why am I defending her?! she was flipping us off drunkenly at 10am! lol)

we stayed 1 night at the Venetian:
room was perfect!

bloody marys. tom ford. lavo. & lots of walking. 

cirque show-zumanity. dinner in ny. drinks @ rhumbar.

( free drinks make us happy)

tried to take a selfie... remember the airplane?! lol 

1 oak. no sighting of juicy j :(. tao night club. indian bachelor party fun.

after being awake a good 20 hours,
we called it a night.

great first day.

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