Friday, September 5, 2014

friday faves.

Friday faves is a nice way of saying

"I don't have a blog topic, so this is some random stuff I like."

1. an "official" name badge.

I have actually never had one.
and so I feel pretty dang important with this one lol

but seriously, I am very excited for all the fun/knowledge/networking that will come with Leadership Lake Houston.


2. this picture

I can't stop laughing at it. so funny.


3. these sandals.


4. this shirt

I might have worn them each twice this week.
but who is counting?!


5. this girl

and these drinks:

we had such a good time catching up the other night.
and really look at the background we had.
so fancy. 


6. these napkins.

they mean so much more this week, and I like how when they sit in my napkin holder,
they just read "don't worry" bc I need that as well! 


7. cups & crystal light

they are right there with my cellphone of things I NEED.


8. these cookies

they are one of those 
"I wish I never tried you" things.
ah. so good!


9. fall

I feel so cliche for being over here like
"yay! fall is almost here! and leggings and boots and pumpkin candles... blah blah."

but truth is.
it really is that exciting 


10. football, duh!

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